29 October 2016


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Hi readers! Happy Diwali! Thank you very much for reading the three parts of this four part series. I think I am too late to post this fourth part. Precious things come late. Yes. This post is about a precious woman. I had been contemplating about her for she was the one who concluded my quest.



Please click the following links to read about the remaining three women.

We meet many people in our life, which is not an issue here but, very few become friends with us. Similarly, our minds would crave to maintain a valuable relationship with some people. She didn’t become a friend to me but a valuable relative.

Ibps 2015 results had been released in the month of April. Some of my junior had written. But, I was not sure of their names. I called my friend Tamil to wish him for his birthday. While speaking with him he told that Nagaraj had cleared and got allotted in Central Bank of India. I thought of wishing him over the phone. Surprisingly, Nagaraj called me. I was explaining about the rest of the procedure to him. I knew about his two elder sisters who were capable of scribing. But, my introvert personality didn’t allow me to ask him directly. I don’t know how many of you have experienced it. Asking something to a stranger is easier than to our acquaintance. I asked him to find any scribe from his side if possible. He didn’t hesitate much and said one of his sisters can help. He demanded me some days to confirm with her. I said okay and called him after a couple of days. His elder sister talked to me and agreed to help without even going for a second thought.

Only visually challenged people can feel and understand.

Finding a scribe is a frustration. Fixing them for three exams is like adding fuel to it. And, following the guide lines of Indian Institute of Banking and finance to declare the scribe is even arduous. The rules are very simple to suffer. The visually challenged candidate has to declare his/her scribe in advance in the institution through a declaration form, which must consist of details of both candidate and the scribe. But, the venue of the examination will be disclosed only a week before the exam. Whenever we seek for scribes, their second question will be ‘where is the exam?’ What answer can we give them? I’d end up in saying in and around Chennai.

Nagaraj’s sister also asked me the same question. Fortunately, my answer didn’t let her take back the promise. I mailed her the scribe declaration form and went her home to collect on the very next day. Nagaraj was telling me the route over the phone. He also asked his father to pick me up from the railway station. As his father was already familiar with me, it didn’t take much time to find me. But the only funny thing was that he went inside the station, and I came out of the station and stood near his own bike. When I entered in to their house, his sister held my hand said “I’ve seen you.” Even his mother had seen me before. Every meeting must have happened either in the school or in the college we said to one another. Nagaraj also joined us. I met his sisters for the first time but, it didn’t give me any strange feel which it used to be to me in other’s house. Special thanks for their hospitality.

We filled the form, conversed for a couple of hour and the next event was lunch. Everyone ate together except a few. I got the filled application forms and left their house with their father. She had declared her presence for all the three exams.

I reached my home around 4:00 in the evening. My father and brother saw the forms in order to take a look at my generous scribe. When I went their house, I asked her about everything. But, as of then, I didn’t know her name. I asked my father. He read and said ‘Shakila’

My brother submitted the forms in IIBF. They sent us acknowledgement copy via post. My first exam which was supposed to be scheduled in the month of May was postponed to June due to Tamilnadu assembly election. I called Shaki akka and informed about the change of timetable.

“No problem. I have no program on that day. I will come for sure.” She replied.

My center was allotted in Mettukuppam. Fortunately, the venue was near to her. She said she was aware of the venue. I had reached the venue for the exam. She said she started. I was supposed to be in the exam hall at 2:00 pm. It was 1:45. She didn’t come. It was 1:50. She didn’t come yet. I was little scared. She said she was driving. But, it was at 1:35. Now, it was already 1:55. There was no sign of her arrival. My brother asked me to call her. What else I can do? I called her. Unfortunately, she didn’t pick the call. Disturbing her was not a right thing while she was riding. But, that was only option we had. We came out of the parking area. Everybody went inside. Even the second bell had rung. It was 2:00 sharp. Many vehicles crossed. But, none was our expectation. Finally she picked the call up and said she couldn’t find the venue. Somehow my brother narrated the address and found where she really was. It was 2:05. I thought I would not write the exam. Each and every second had been adding pressure. Time had lost its mercy. It was 2:10. I had lost my hope. And, there she entered inside with her acceleration.

She unfastened her helmet, removed her hand gloves, kept them in the box, held my hand, and walked towards the hall. The receptionist was waiting.

“You’re too late sir. You can’t write exam.” That is what I expected from him. But, he asked us to sign and let us proceed to the second floor.

Usually, there would be some hesitation, some fear, and some awkwardness with new scribes. Sometimes, it may continue even for the second time with the same person. But, I felt very casual and comfortable with her in the exam hall. The invigilator was shocked of my nativity for I was coming from very far. He told us to change the venue by contacting IIBF. As the venue was very near to Shaki akka, I denied. We finished our exam and came out. I didn’t clear my first paper. The second paper was little easy for me to study. I really put enough effort on that. Jennet’s fantabulous recording has helped me for that. As usual I came early. She was little sooner than previous exam. The receptionist was waiting, we signed, we went to the second floor, the same invigilator was there to invigilate, and, the result was also the same.

The only difference between my first paper and the second paper was increasing the level of my confidence. I felt more comfort in the second paper. We finished our exam and came out as usual. My brother was waiting for me outside as usual. I had told her that I would get more marks in the third paper and we were parted. Our third exam brought us back to the same venue. Once again! History repeated in geography. We came half an hour before, she came late by ten minutes, we were waiting for her in the entrance, she removed her helmet, removed her gloves, put them in the box, pulled the key, took my hand, and as usual three of us ran in the hall!!! The same candidate with the scribe went in to the same hall. Oh my god! The same invigilator was missing.

Finally, a man came and let us inside. The third paper was very easy indeed. But, I just missed the border. We finished our exam and came out. My brother had gone for some work. I thought of having a tea with her though I don’t prefer. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t provide the opportunity. She was in a hurry to go.

For some readers, this post may not seem interesting. I accept it. But, this is the only way for me to extend my gratitude. Let me tell you an incident which has turned the life of my visually challenged friend. It is not good to disclose his name. He’s senior to me working in my bank. He shared his experience over the phone.

“Today I should have been an officer not a clerk in this Indian Overseas Bank. Four years ago, I had applied for officer exam with well preparation. I had reached the venue half an hour before the commencement of the exam. I was calling my scribe. Finally he picked up the call and said that he had fallen sick so he couldn’t come to scribe me. Arranging a scribe, that too half an hour before the exam is very difficult right? I returned to my house having no other option.”

I think the above incident would make everyone can understand the precious help by Shaki akka.

Shaki akka is working in MNC. The pressure in the job for her is inexplicable. Sunday is the only day she takes rest. I’ve consciously stolen her sleep and her precious time. I don’t know about others. But, in my life, I’ve come across several good people. They’ve done several things for me. But, what I gave them back was nothing. It was my exam. I should have been the only person to suffer for this. But, these four women have helped and sacrificed a lot from their side. And, Shaki akka had helped me to complete my exam without any difficulty. Five days ago, Srilu had asked me a toughest question. I will tell about Srilu in my later posts. But the question was…

“Who is the best scribe you have come across in your life?”

I said it’s difficult to mention someone in particular for the list is quite lengthy. And, Shaki akka is one of the best in the lists!!!


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