31 July 2014


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Once upon a time, since I begin like this, dear readers, please don’t consider this as a short story or a novel. It’s a plight of our present culture and an essay about a toppling society which contained moral value in a highest degree. Once upon a time, our state (Tamilnadu) was known as a mossback in the world and undoubtedly replete with greatest votaries, loyal leaders, strengthened lads, chaste ladies, fabulous customs, and beautiful traditional values and so on. But today? We need not bother about the upper class people, leaders, tycoons, and fake votaries. On the other hand we cannot prolong to agitate these bon vivants who are perpetually sucking our cultural values from poor canaille.

I am here to strongly reprehend the Majority of the Tamil serials telecasted on televisions in this present century. This is not a new subject to discuss and have debates; rather this essay is to condemn these unstoppable and abominable tormenters. Those days, nearly ten to fifteen years ago these televisions introduced serials only to please homemakers, retired citizen and Methuselahs. They had a healthy growth despite scathing and constant criticisms. Beyond mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws wrangles, sister-in-laws ill-treatments, unnecessary weeping, unwanted arguments,these serials weren’t ruffling the basement of the culture in the initial stages. But now a days moral values have been unkindly snatched from us. Too much of freedom has shaped them as cultural picaroons.

Most of the Tamil serials’ today’s major concept is, justifying infidelities and illegal affairs. They’re making the viewers muzzier through their ophelian scripts. Appreciating abortions, encouraging polygamy polyandry, supporting cruelty, extirpation of morality, creating feral and menacing characters made me deem of this topic and urged me to write here. I never disagree that this society consists of curate’s eggs; at the same time we have to muse and identify the negativity which has become a cruel plutarchy in this functioning society. Now a days the impact of negative thoughts and vibration has been heavily affecting canaille since this area is unheeded and deliberately neglected.

Already our silver screen celebrities have done sufficient damage to the society and its people by advertising cigarettes and alcohol through their movies, motivating divorces in real life and so on. But they are often hindered by sensor boards when they reach up to some extent and their lives also have been adopted by entertainment columns in news-papers. Therefore, the silver screen may not be an infernal threat to the society on the other hand, these TV Serials have been pretending as if they’re enhancing the family values but the truth is that they have debilitated the minds of the viewers and completely extirpated the real traditional values of families.

The country is confronting too many conundrums such as black-money, corruptions, terrorism, caste and gender discrimination, fishermen’s plights, briberies, inflation, gambling, child abuses etc. but any Tamil serial for that matter revolving only around some particular issues. Most of the holographs are created to project on the screen based on the following issues they are:

The female protagonist of the drama should be innocent and lily-livered.
The male protagonist should always commit a tragic flaw which never denies attacking the female protagonist.
They say these serials are created for the benefit of women but mothers should be invariably evils.
The male protagonist or other male character should have more than one wife.
The Benedict’s mother should always force him to divorce his wife without a valid reason and also should ask him to get married another woman whom she prefers.
Women should fall in love only with married men.
Any protagonist of the drama male or female should go to prison but should not have indulged in any crime.
Majority of the cops must be corrupt and dishonest.
Victims and victimizers should be ladies and men must be impotent in the end. Remember, these serials are taken for the welfare  of ladies.
All kinds of infidelities and illegal affairs are assimilated and they will be smartly justified by the directors.
Viewers’ homes must be filled with jeremiads.
No one should investigate about the plot because the director has one line story only; that will sustain for a decade.

Even movies also carry these kinds of vexatious story lines sometimes. But they are severely punished by the audience. Moreover, it is just 2 and a half hour issue. But these serials are not like that. They sustain more than 5 years and using televisions as their royal roads to achieve their unworthy goals. Above all, they’re simply planting poisonous trees and burying the shadows of Tamilian’s ethics.

There was a movie released in Tamil named Ramana. In that, the hero team would abduct the top fifteen corrupt administrators in the state and would slay the top three. Likewise, I planned to bring out the most cockering serials and its director in this state.

Director, S Kumaran who was highly appreciated and considered as a magnifico for his debut Thirumathi Selvam which was the most admired serial by public in the beginning. But later joined the most hated list! Now this man is proceeding with two cranky serials named Thendral and Deyvamagal.

Dear readers the plot is very simple and threatening. Hero gets married with heroin and the hero’s mother and some evil minds dislike the heroin so they want him to get married another girl (Thendral.) In Deyvamagal I was told it is a sub-plot and the main plot is completely senseless.
All of his serials consist of unbearable negative and destructive forces and invariably attempt to slam the joys of viewers. Most of the serials are carrying the same plot but why did I take these serials as examples? The answer is that unlike other serials, they firmly justify the scripts through negative dialogues. As a result, this society gets severely cockered and it will walk towards the wrong direction in the future.

Whether we accept it or not, our culture is one is to one culture in the sense, every man should have maximum one wife and every woman has to live with one legal husband. Mr. Kumaran (the fiend) please stop continuing your senseless and justified scriptures which are spifflicating the society. There are plenty of ways to earn. Follow them or else quit everything and start reading wise Tamil books by which you will fathom the original values of Tamil souls.
I wist you’re not ready to listen anything. In contrary, you (the wicked minded) will extirpate this state without mercy.

After reading so far, readers of this post will raise a logical question that is, “who ask them to witness these kinds of stuffs?”
Here my answer: instead of bidding 10,000 inebriates to stop drinking, ask one owner to shut his wine shop. Even after they find different ways to drink, then that is their fate. Serials are the only hobbies of homemakers and old people. When they become worse and worse daily, when they encourage disobedience, dishonesty and infidelities in the society, how can these events be called serials?


Note: good serials are exceptional and people will always appreciate them for that.


  1. Wonderful flow with astounding utilisation of diction! without a doubt, "Shall We Call It a Micro Prostitution?" is an inciteful, path-braking piece to read. awesome display of thoughts and clear structure adds fragrance to the perfume. keep writing!

  2. excellent cultural consciousness. a bad film is responded with a flop, but it's not the same with a bad TV serial. there may be many ways to curb the drop of poison into our cultural bowl, but the best immediate way is to quit watching such crappy stuff. for instance, at our home, no one watches serials (including my mother) and we only watch entertainers like Super Singer etc.

  3. Krishna has pointed out what I thought of doing while reading the article. Even producers will not come forward if the plot of a movie is not go in accordance with the cultural norms of a particular place and there is absolutely an audience threat. Where as in the case of serials, no one cares anything and even the audience just murmer at the so called fate of the protagonist and pass on to another’s in the next half an hour.
    Anna, I think that it is a well constructed article and the diction is very nice.

  4. Wrong about Thendral which is one of the best serials .Actually here Thulasi married Tamil who was engaged to Charu and she gets mentally affected that is only part of the story
    3 ordinary girls Thulasi ,Deepa and Kalyani struggle and will win that is very good social message despite Family problems .Mr S Kumaran direction is outstanding.The value of education and hard work is shown here.
    Thendral is excellent

  5. Super Serial Thendral with Importance of study,love,life,future,care to others for girls .I enjoy with my family.

  6. very true very true very true. even thendral is not a good serial..always showing and justifying evils and justifying what ever the protagonists do or always showing like always men goes wrong whitch could be never ever forgiven by female protagonists. though itprittends like a nice serial, surely this mad Kumaran will end it in a tragical way. as far as I know these people with out any social and cultural sence has not only misunderstood the freedom of women as living in the society as a single or a destitude with out any family affection like Abinaya of Kolangal serial, but also teaches this misinterpretation to the society.


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