05 July 2016


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If we analyzed, we can feel that most of the time, in our life, the helpers are outsiders are not connected with us. Somebody would have guided us to the railway station. Somebody would have let us know the bus number to the route. Somebody would have given us water when we were terribly thirsty. Somebody would have rescued when we were about to fall. Somebody would have offered mobile phone when we were in need of. Somebody would have yelled at us when were carelessly missing our certificates are other belongings. The unity among all is that they would have been strangers. This post is about a stranger; about a woman. 

We didn’t talk to each other. We had never met each other. In fact, we didn’t even know each other’s name.


Anitha ma’am gave me a couple of books first. She said she would search and give the third one. I had two options with me. Some of my friends suggested me that scanning was not a good option. With no delay, I switched over to the second one.

“I will take care of everything anna. You just let me know the deadline.” Venkadesh said after the door was slammed behind. It was I who slammed the door behind me after entering in to his room.

“I know a girl. She is doing her masters in philosophy.” He said and continued, “I have already asked and finalized everything. Actually, she’s waiting for the book.”

“Where is Kishore?”

“He will be back soon.”

“Didn’t the class get over yet?”

“It might have got over but he would be busy with his friends.”

I called and confirmed his arrival. Meanwhile I connected my IPod with the charger.

“I might have done it nearly two years ago I think.”

“What?” Venkadesh asked.

“I am talking about charging the IPod.”

“Does that girl have mobile to record?” I asked him while charging it.

“She has; but, the clarity is bad.”

Kishore came after a while.

I need not mention particularly about Kishore and Venkadesh for they are the most precious people in my life. Whenever I am free, whenever I need anything, I knock their door. Venkadesh has just completed his under graduation in Loyola and Kishore is on his second year post graduate in the same college.

“Anna, I know a guy. He can help through his relative.” Kishore entered in the room and said after a few minutes.

“Do whatever you feel. But, kindly get it done on or before April 1st.” I said. We chit -chatted for few more hours as usual. I gave Kishore the books, taught him how to record in my IPod and left.

Days flew as usual. Venkadesh called me.

“Anna, that girl has some serious project to concentrate on. Hence, she said it’s difficult.”

Kishore called after sometime and said,

“Anna, the person whom I mentioned is busy right now.”

“What to do now?” I asked both.

“There is a guy named Pugazh. He studied his bachelor of education with Kishore anna.” Venkadesh said and added,

“He’s tutoring some students. One of them is studying 6th standard. And, his mother used to involve in social activities. So, this task will be taken care of.”

Kishore has confirmed his words.

“She has agreed to record both books. Hopefully, it may reach you soon.” Kishore said after handing over the books and IPod to Pugazh.

Days crawled and I received a call from Kishore in the end of March.

“One book is over. She’s unable to complete the second one as her relatives have come home. But, I received news that she would certainly complete it.” He said.

Soon, Venkadesh called me.

“Completing it on 1st April is not possible. But, it would be on your hand on or before 10th April.”

I felt like troubling someone for my needs and goals. Several times I have asked people to record. But, this time, it was different, completely different. Those days, when I asked people to record for my studies, it didn’t add pressure on others as they did it when they studied. Moreover, I have troubled only my close acquaintance and not strangers. I felt like consuming somebody’s leisure time. People are always to help others. Only who are blessed with luck, find them.

“Both got completed. She couldn’t do in daytime due to her relatives’ presence. However, she was awake till 3:00 in the early morning to complete it. Moreover, she is going somewhere in the next week, probably to her relative’s house. Hence, she has worked a lot on nights to complete the task.” Kishore said.

I went to receive the books and IPod on April 9th. I could meet neither Pugazh nor that lady, who recorded the both books.

“What’s her name?” I asked Kishore.

“I have no idea.” He replied.

“I don’t know either!” Venkadesh admitted.

“Even Pugazh, who arranged everything, doesn’t know her name.” Kishore said after investigating.

I connected my IPod in my Laptop and began checking each and every audio file. It was tough for me to arrange chapter by chapter. More than 60 files were there. I almost finished arranging and finally got the first chapter of the first book.

I played it.

“Hi, this is Sumathi, reading for you.”

To be continued


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