24 July 2014


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Production: Mano Bala, Sanjay Rawal, Subhash Chandra Bose
Cast: Dharani, Ilavarasu, Ishara, Natty, Ponvannan
Direction, Screenplay, Story, Dialogue: H Vinoth
Music: Sean Roldan
Background score: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: KG Venkatesh
Editing: SP Raja Sethupathy
Dance choreography: Dinesh
Singers: Anthony Dasan, Kalyani Nair, Sathya Prakash, Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Madan Karky, Vairamuthu
PRO: Riaz
Distribution: Thirrupathi Brothers

Thanks to Behindwoods for the list

Hero is a conman who deceives various people in order to earn money. He is using too many bewitching methodologies to create desire on money in their minds which leads them in to loss. Meanwhile heroine comes to his cheating company and knows everything. He reveals the flashback and convinces her. At one point of time, he gets caught by victims and asks his friends to bring money but they betray him and escape with his earned money. Hero looses everything now. Meanwhile he marries Ishara, when he is about to regret his false, the villain gang arrives to kill him and his wife since he has cheated them before. In order to escape and rescue his wife, he makes an agreement with them. Did he help them? Did he rescue his wife from them? Did he escape from them?
Watch it in silver screen to know the rest.

Hats off to Director Vinoth H for his wonderful script and screening it in a proper way. He has used his master brain in many places especially in projecting rice pulling script. He should also be appreciated for his finest dialogues which receive prevalent applause in the theatre. Though the concept is very serious he manages to waft it in a humourous way.

Hero Natraj (Ghandibabu) has really played an impressive and challenging role in this movie. His each and every plan of cheating people receives special claps, especially his dialogues and justifications for his crimes! It is good to see that he never retaliates whenever he is beaten up rather he uses his brain to confront threatening situations.

Heroine Ishara, (Banu) comes as a humble girl and got an opportunity to perform in the script. She has done her best to stay in the memories of audience and receives special appreciations in some places through her fine performances.

Ilavarasu, puts a strong foundation to the movie by his sense of humour and targets the viewer’s stomachs.

Villains also performed well especially the person who speaks in pure Tamil makes the audience laugh.

KG Venkatesh’s cinematography is notable which increases the true effect of the movie and makes it healthier.

Sean Roldan’s music keeps on supporting the movie from the very beginning. Songs are not bad.

Since dialogues being the pillar of the movie, they are listed below.

“Nothing is easier than earning money”
“What we have to do is just find an ambitious person like us”
“Even there is food on their side; animal will never hunt when they are not hungry”
“Snake knows 200 languages”
“Unlock your inner volcano” heroin
“Think to change mercy in to money”
“It is not wrong in doing anything if we don’t feel guilty”
“I learned what is life through the happenings of incidents”
“Learn from poor man’s body, earn from rich man’s body”
“The man who cheated is your Guru. He has taught you tricks to earn”
“You can go to heaven after death if you’re good. But you can live in heaven if you’re bad”
“Courage comes when we wear white and white no?”
“Those who doesn’t know to earn would believe in saving”
“I give chance to those who are ready to get cheated”
“Money is the ultimate”
“What happens outside the court is very important to a case”
“If you want to deceive someone don’t expect mercy from him rather stimulate his desire”
“You’ve arrested Rajini only. But Vijay is still free!” Ilavarasu.
“When I am with you, I feel safe as if I am with my mom. Will you marry me?”
“Bit of truth should be mixed when we lie”

Audience talk: movie is simply superb

Media talk: maximum rating is 3.5 and certified (Good.)

Theatre talk: expected for more than 50 days unless any big budget movie comes.

Producer’s fate: profit.

Vinoth Subramanian comments: please watch it. Everyone can watch. No age limit. Good story and good screen play. All centres hit.


  1. The dialogues stimulate the desire in me to watch.

  2. “Money is the ultimate”

    just now i watched the movie.

  3. a different movie from the usual Tamil cinema scripts. climax is the crown of the movie. most directors mess good stories with not-good climaxes, but this movie's is perfect. heroin's part is good too. overall, a thrilling entertainer to watch.


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