17 June 2016


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The importance of two exams ‘JAIIB’ and ‘CAIIB’ was informed me while I joined the bank. The bank employee will get increment if cleared. As per the rules, JAIIB should be cleared before CAIIB. After some dilly-dallying, I blindly registered for Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) in the end of February. Beyond registration, I knew nothing of it. There came these 4 women to show me the direction and guided me to my destiny.


After joining my branch, on the very second day, my manager called me to allot the work. She concluded our discussion with the final word, “Clarify with Anitha if you have any queries.”

I came to my counter. The world, most of the time, considers business tycoons, politicians, great leaders, warriors, celebrities and scientists as its inspiration. But, my inspiration was sitting beside me in the next counter. I don’t know whether it’s fair or not to disclose her personal life but, this Blog is gifted to express about her. Meeting with an accident in her school days, made Anitha ma’am managing everything with her left hand. With the at most confidence, she went and knocked the door of a typing institution when she was in her 8th standard. But, she was repudiated by them. Nonetheless, her tenacity had led to velocity in typing while she was on her under graduate. Now, competing with her is a challenge. Unlike other students, she went for part-time job while doing under graduation. Her other correspondent course in the same period forced her to leave home at 5:00 in the morning and return at 11 p.m. Her circumstances shoved her to study on her own cost. Coming back to her job, a year ago, when our former assistant manager flew to US, Anitha ma’am, despite being clerical posting, took the responsibility on her shoulder and let the branch function. Even now, she plays a stellar role in our branch. Writing about her sufferings, sincerity and successes may create a novella. Hence, I stop with this and continue her contribution in my growth.

My manager told me to clarify my doubts with Anitha ma’am when I joined. But, in the beginning, both were hesitating to talk to each other. I didn’t talk much to anyone except my manager and Suja ma’am. Suja ma’am (housekeeping) was functioning as a mediator between Anitha ma’am and I in our initial days. Our formal conversation consisted of three words. She possessed “excuse me” and “carry on” as her two words to communicate with me. The third word was mine which will be disclosed at the end of this post.

In fact, she is such a jovial person in our branch. To the contrary, I am a person of hesitation in my life. With no hesitation, I can admit that the hesitation has become one of my weaknesses.

I have hesitated a lot in my life.

I have hesitated to live; I have hesitated to commit suicide.

I have hesitated to believe in god; I have hesitated to deny his existence.

I have hesitated to ask question; I have hesitated to answer.

I have hesitated to say hi; I have hesitated to say bye.

I have hesitated to walk amidst crowd; I have hesitated to walk alone.

I have hesitated to hold hand; I have hesitated to leave.

I have hesitated to speak; I have hesitated to respond.

I have hesitated to eat; I have hesitated to refuse.

I have hesitated to express my feelings; I have hesitated to conceal.

I have hesitated to ask for help; I have hesitated to offer my hand.

I have hesitated to sleep; I have hesitated to rise.

I have hesitated to try; I have hesitated to quit.

I have hesitated to cry; I have hesitated to laugh.

I have hesitated to get angry; I have hesitated to ignore.

I have hesitated to fall in love; I have hesitated to propose.

I have hesitated to target; I have hesitated to forget.

I have hesitated to decide; I have hesitated to dispose.

I have hesitated to carry a new born baby; I have hesitated to go near the corpse.

I have hesitated for everything; except for hesitating.

Despite not with others, in my office, at one point of time my hesitation had come to an end with Anitha ma’am.

I don’t remember the exact day. A customer came to our branch for opening a new account. He didn’t have sufficient proof so I was explaining him. She observing the whole and asked me after his departure, “Kadha solli mudichittiya? (Have you finished narrating the story)” which was the first casual word she uttered. From there onwards, our conversation was commuting between casuals and formals and slowly reaching towards the former one.

It’s been 10 months since I joined the bank and the helps which she did me was unforgettable.

She opened a staff account for me, discovered my staff ID, registered in insurance, helped me getting my salary along with my manager, perused my salary slip to explain soon when it came, helped me getting my ATM card, explained me about NPS and made me register, offered the identity card application form and told me the procedure to apply, opened a recurring deposit and liquid crystal deposit, found the fault done in my basic pay and worked on to rectify and finally, guided me for this exam Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB.)

Moving on to my exam, she suggested 3 books which she read to clear JAIIB. I asked her the details to buy them.

“Why do you want to buy them when I have?” She cast a logical question.

I, who hesitated to ask books, hesitated to answer.

“I mayn’t know when I will return them.” I told the truth.

“Okay! You take your own time. What am I going to do with them?” She replied and continued, “I will search and bring them tomorrow.”

She did what she said and, initiated my journey towards JAIIB. When she joined, she had none to guide. But, it was different in my case. I have no idea about my future but, as of now, my fate has offered me some good people to grow with and, she is one among them. As I mentioned earlier, in the beginning, our formal communication relied on 3 words. While approaching my counter for scanning cheques, she used to utter “Excuse me” “Carry on” as her 2 words for communication. Her words do not exist now I think. But, mine will exist as long as this Blog exists.

To be continued.

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  1. congrads vinoth. carry on.
    beeing visually challenged myself also, i too have the same weaknesses you have like communication problems.


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