30 October 2016


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Sunday, October 30, 2016 Categories: , , ,

Nothing is going to last long for you, so laugh!

Nothing is going to deceive you, so laugh!

Nothing is written for us, so laugh,

Except this nothingness and laughter so laugh!

Beloved people may betray, laugh at their love!

Betrayed people may come back, laugh at their ignorance!

Anyone can become anybody, laugh at this suspense!

Being here without them is not possible, laugh at this fate!

Gatherings may teach life, laugh with them

But, loneliness will preach the truth, laugh for them!

The closest soul may not look at you, laugh at your tears

But the stranger may often disturb, laugh at the opportunity!

None is aware of death, laugh at their desire

None is immortal, laugh at their tyranny

Nothing is the truth, laugh at these lies!

None can deceive this madman, laugh at their pride

Do not try to understand things, laugh at their search

Knowledge is the cause of all problems, laugh at their intelligence!

A fool is happier than a wit, laugh at the truth!

A madman is happier than all, laugh forever!


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