09 October 2014


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Who am I indeed?
How long can I plead?
Begged my mind and beseeched myself!
A full-grown tree searching its seed!

They took me a journey
To an unknown world
It was a seven day commute
Where everything was cute but infernally mute!

First day I saw,
A gorgeous and an eye sucking flower
Plucked it and sniffed
Deceived me, twas paper-flower!

The next day I looked,
A strong and gigantic Eagle
I was eagerly waiting for it to soar
But, cheated me and struggling with its broken wings!

On the third day I ogled
A well built and a very brave horse
I went near it for a ride.
Shocked! Twas not a horse just a sculpture!

It was a fourth day I remember,
Gazed at the tree with full of leaves, but magical
I felt like standing under it for a relief.
Oh! No! It didn’t offer me shadow. Not a single leaf!

Twas the day number five I behold
The sky was replete with the cluster of clouds
And kissed by wind, I guessed for rain.
Neither drizzling nor scudding but still remaining!

It was sixth, my eyes were fixed
Upon the beaming and powerful sun
Yet it couldn’t chase the dews
I fathomed that twas not dawn, but the sun was drawn!

On the last day I met
The young ruler of the land
He told me that he was a prince
Puzzled me suddenly! Begging instead of bestowing!

When I was about to leave, I found a letter
It depicted my identity then confusions were uncluttered.
I perused it written “You are what you’ve seen”
I understood what it did actually mean.

I am that charming flower
Never offered the aroma
I am that vigorous eagle
Never soared in the sky
I am that healthy horse
Never moved an inch
I am that antique tree
Never granted shade
I am that pleasing clouds
Never rained till now
I am that shining sun
Never risen at all
Living here like a prince
But, actually a beggar!


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