20 October 2014


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One of my brother’s friends had told him that his sister was in love with someone which he didn’t like at all. My brother was sharing it with me while we were engaging in the expedition.
I wanted to know the problem to the fullest for it was a love story. Some love stories would be logical, some would be emotional, some would be comical and the rest must be tragical. Nonetheless it is sure that all the love stories are capable of enthralling the listeners up to certain extent.

“He doesn’t like his sister’s love” my brother said, “Since the guy is belonging to the other religion.” “He’s even ready to part the couple through spell and he’s searching for the person who is expert in that.” He completed. I was completely frozen and speechless for a minute. I know him very well and heard about his sister too. She is working in a software company.
“What about the guy?” I asked my brother.
“He’s also in a good job and their love is 3 years old.” My brother replied while riding the bike.
Let him ride. Meanwhile, let me talk to you.

I always wonder about this people’s attitude towards love. No brother wants his sister to fall in love at the same time; every man wants to fall in love with other man’s sister. I am not sharing anything which had been never shared before. On the other hand, in the world, love is the most spoken subject and an unwearied stuff too. When a girl says that she’s in love with someone, the first reaction of her family members is stillness and the second reaction would be a slap. Indian fathers don’t want their daughters to fall in love when their third love is 25 years old. Likewise their brothers hate their sisters’ love when their broken love is 2 years old. However, in India, marriage is treated as an angel and love as a devil. This post is not against parents rather their system of beliefs. It can be accepted when the love is agitated by the parents due to financial condition of the groom that too because of the future of the daughters and their safety. But religions can’t be the foe to love and lovers because, a Christian is not a Christian, Hindu is not a Hindu and Muslim is not a Muslim is the truth. Confused? Read further.

When it comes to love, all parents start talking about their traditional values in order to reject their children’s love. The tradition is invariably hinging upon the particular religion which they follow. If a person says that he’s a Christian then his father also would have been belonging to the same religion. But what about their forefathers who lived in 13th century when Christianity didn’t even properly emerge in India? What about the Muslim’s ancestor who lived in 10th century? It’s applicable to Hinduism also though it has longest history. It is sure that the conversion had been taken place in all over the world including India. If the conversion was possible in the time of illiteracy, is it not possible now when most of the parents are educated up to certain extent?

Every religion has its own principles to be followed which were decided by the religious authorities. They will be continuously fluctuating in the future also. But love, on the other hand, is not going to have any drastic changes. Love expects only honesty, obedience and responsibility from lovers. It demands eyes to see each other, hands to hold, tongue to communicate, ears to listen, legs to walk with, shoulders to lean, lips to kiss, body to hug, money to survive and the mind to think of each other. Religions have nothing to do with love. Instead of religion, a parent is expected to consider these three things(honesty, responsibility and obedience) for his/her children’s future.
As it is already mentioned above, all the religions have shortest history compared to love. Christianity may be 2000 years old, Islam may be 1500 years old, Buddhism may be 2500 years old and Hinduism may be 5000 years old. But love should have been appeared before languages. It is believed that god created Adam and Eve first. I would even say that the love wasn’t created with them. In fact, if I’m not wrong, my instinct says that this love should have been created with that apple which was earlier to Adam and Eve in god’s creation. No god has asked us to follow him through religion. On the other hand, all the gods and goddesses have asked us to follow them through faithful love. Perhaps, religion is a human identity but love is the identity of animal, bird, insect and even micro species like amoeba. Religions are the cause of castes and caste system. Love is the only possible solution for this problem. Therefore dear parents please allow love.

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  1. I too have the same question that is a man wants to love somebody's sister where as, he does not accept his sister to love or to be loved by another brother like him. Sometime, I even wonder whether there might be any psychological reasons behind this.


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