24 October 2014


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Friday, October 24, 2014 Categories: , , ,

That pain killer has become your pain!
I am telling you the truth, my dear heart,
Life has to tackle deception and feign
You have to accept or, be apart.

Why did you choose to own?
What did you own to lose?
The thing which were you trying to own,
Is not your own, remember not your own.

All those grown are really not grown!
So don’t trust and understand the life-tone.
I beseech you that never try to moan
And tell you to become a stone and be alone.

Dependency is your job,
And sympathy is your salary
Expecting more, will make you sob
However you’ve lost that precious jewelry!

In this world, the strength is not really the strength!
And the weakness is not a weakness;
Now your strength has become your weakness!
That has thrown you in the life of lifelessness.

Unpredicted murder was executed by unexpected souls!
Take it as your part of experience.
Death and joy are indeed different words
Look at them deeply, both will give the same sense!

Only two men are happy in the world,
One is dead and another one is unborn!
I wist you my heart, you’re dead still unhappy
I wish you to be reborn and should be happy.

Remember my dear heart, this life is temporary,
Understand my dear heart, these people are temporary,
Accept my dear heart, pains and pleasures are also temporary
Forget everything my dear heart, don’t worry and burn or bury.


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