29 October 2014


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Nearly a week ago, one of my professors was addressing us in the class. He never lets other fall asleep during his lectures and invariably very dedicated and energetic. Even a famished student will pay constant attention to his class. 

It started raining at that time. My mind was slightly slipping out of his lecture, and forcing me to get out of the class. He deviated a little and began speaking about the rain and the climate change for a while. He was praising BBC for its accuracy about the weather and mocking at Tamil news channels. A group of lads was entering the corridor he noticed. Some of them were walking with umbrella and some of them without.
“See! They’re all Chennai buffalo walking without umbrella.” He said by pointing at them. My classmates turned their countenances, took a look at them and laughed for his comment.
“Those who carry umbrella may be Keralites.” Once again my friends laughed.
“These people never care about anything they simply drench in rain.” Continued, “Like a buffalo which doesn’t have sense and feelings!” again, my friends laughed.
“It’s very difficult to distinguish them from buffalos.” This time the class kept quiet.
“But the only difference is that they don’t wear dress.” He said and laughed and the class joined him.
“Look at their dresses? They all get wet! Their bags, books, body and what not?” he asked us and proceeded to the subject.
Perhaps it is a fatherly concerned about his students I never decry. Simultaneously I have to assimilate that I am also part of them. While he was scolding them, I didn’t even think of laughing at his funny descriptions over the students. On the other hand, I was praying for the rain to continue even after the class so that I can get wet a little for this rain has been my eternal companion in my life. The class got over. On the very next day I happily spent almost seven hours in rain.

Many may have various opinions about the fall of rain. Some people may like, some may dislike, some may like only when it is drizzling and muzzling, some may like when it is showering and some may like clouds alone. Obviously I am belonging to the liking and drenching category.
This rain is always special to me I feel. My mind gets rejuvenated I feel. The breeze, the noise, its coldness, its softness, the first drop, the slow drops, the atmosphere, and the shower give the immense pleasure which can’t be offered in heaven I feel. Each and every drop of rain filters my miseries I feel. The heaven comes to the earth I feel. It cries for me and consoles me I feel. It wipes my tears while weeps I feel. The cloud and rainbow invariably deceive me. Only this rain is left for me to feel so I feel. I feel, feel and feel for I know how to feel and I know nothing, except to feel.

This is madness, stupidity and moronic I know. This world will mock at my writings I know. This rain will offer me cold, cough and fever I know. I like this stupidity. I like this madness. I like this childishness and the reason behind them I never wanted to know.

I am not afraid of rain but certainly scared of carrying umbrella.
As he was scolding those students, I was also scolded by many lovable souls for not carrying umbrella. I panic to carry it because the edges may harm others while I am walking. Don’t think I am too good. It means that I don’t want to be bad and that’s it. I like running but not while it is raining. Except a few occasions, I haven’t run away from fall of rain. Once I wanted to keep me away from rain when I had ten rupee note in my shirt pocket. Sometimes, ten rupee note matters a lot. Nevertheless, whenever I get wet in rain, I won’t fall sick. At the same time, it used to happen after a month. No matter what other say, we are born to enjoy this life whenever the chances are offered by the nature or god. Comparing human beings with buffalo sounds silly to me I don’t know why. An animal with five senses enjoys nature without getting consent of anybody’s. What’s wrong if we do so? Moreover, rain has never been partial to anybody who comes under it. It drenches all at once and never distinguishes buffalos from humans. Whether the sun shines or it rains, buffalos remain the same. Do we? They give milk for those who gave them food. Do we?
They remain grateful to their surroundings. Do we?
Are they not wiser than human beings? Most of us have the tendency to boast our own selves for having sixth sense. But do we use it for good purposes? It’s a hypothetical question! Is there any difference between buffalos and human beings? Finally I found one. They don’t have sixth sense so they don’t use, and we have; but no use.

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