31 October 2014


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It would be around 10:00. Room number 16 in main building first floor (my class room) was actively functioning on that day. Professor David was taking attendance. Shockingly, all of them were present including me.

The laptop was already connected with projector and they were preparing themselves for presentations I sullied. Leo (the leader of our class) should have brought them from the department I could guess. Our professor Dr David had asked us to present for 20 minutes and my topic was ‘Motivation’ I recollected. I thought of asking them “Are we supposed to present today?” But kept myself quiet since the professor was inside the class. My mind was totally restive and many questions were circulating inside my head. I couldn’t recognise any of them for all of them seemed intricate and obscure to me. I attempted to clarify on my own.
“Why no one asked my pen drive to copy my PPT file?”
“Yesterday when I was conversing with Megha, she told, no… no… I told her that the presentations may be held after November 21st. How is it possible then?”
“Who has made it today? Why no one informed me about anything regarding this presentation?” I felt like breaking my head but the group of questions was still haunting me.
“Did they send any message? Or didn’t I receive?”
“By the way, what is the date today?” I stressed myself and mustered braveness to ask my neighbour.
“You can start your seminar now.” The professor granted.
I was terribly collapsed and started calculating the date.
“August? No! September? No! October? Yes! Yes! This is October! This is October!” I said to myself and felt glee for confirming it. But that unnecessary exuberance didn’t last even for a second. What I needed was date at that time. I once again started discussing with my mind.
“I was talking to Megha yesterday. Yesterday was 29th October. Then today?” I paused for a while.
“30th! 30th! Today is 30th of October 2014.” I found and said to myself.
“How did they prepare? That to over the night! Has everyone prepared slides for the presentation? How is it possible? Megha too! Yesterday she said she didn’t!”
“But I didn’t prepare even a slide! I thought of beginning from today! Is that why they didn’t ask my pen drive?” too much of self probing made me fatigued. By the time Leo had started his seminar.
“So, Krashan’s hypothesis.” He started and scrambled on the podium to paint the board through the chalk while the Diwali was already over and the Pongal was far from that day.
However, one more question occurred to my mind, “It can be accepted that other have prepared. But this Leo, last minute Longfellow (compared with an American Writer) deals with Krashan now! How?”
I couldn’t get answer for any of the question. By the time, Prabhakaran, Gouthaman, and few more students had finished their seminar after Leo.
“Take a break and be present at 2:00 so that we can finish with the rest.” the professor said and left the class. This must be the right time for me to prepare I thought, and our hostel would be the perfect place I believed. Moreover, I had brought Laptop with me. Since motivation was my topic, I felt happy because I had some materials in it. I took my bag and put it on my shoulder.
“Where are you going?” Leo asked.
“Hostel.” I replied and left.

While marching towards hostel, someone told me that the road was blocked and I can’t go to the hostel because some people are digging for making new road. I put my bag down and lied on the centre of the road. A stranger came and lifted me up.
“Where do you want to go?”
“Don’t worry boss. We’ll go by the other way.” He said and guided me.
I don’t know whether I told the entire thing to him or not. But he replied like this.
“Don’t worry boss. We’ll file a case against them. By the way, according to you, who can be responsible for this?”
“I Joseph Arc Leo.”
He left me in the hostel. I met my junior Shanmugam while walking towards 8th block. I didn’t know the reason, without turning on my Laptop I said to myself, “53% battery will not be sufficient for my search.”
I neither ate my lunch and nor prepared for my presentation.

Suddenly, I was standing in the classroom and the time was 2:00.
I called Prabhakaran and asked, “When did you make power point?”
“Yes Vinoth, I made.” He replied with the snicker.
I was severely scared of David sir for not coming prepared and thinking whether to leave the class or to apologise to him. “Only 3 of you are remaining.” Somebody told I heard. One was Megha, other one was me and had no idea about the third one. My mind forced me to call Megha to ask the same question.
“Megha, when did you prepare?” she remained in stillness and didn’t talk to me since morning.
The professor entered.
“It must be dream!” My mind was shouting inside. Meanwhile I heard the noise of a crow; somebody was asking “Tea or Horlicks?” Surely it wasn’t Janet’s voice. I tossed up the bed-sheet which was covering my body, but my mind was strongly convincing me, “IT MUST BE DREAM! IT MUST BE DREAM!”

I woke up at 7:00 in the morning and the date was 30th October. I snickered at my dream and recollected all of my M.Phil classmates. Goutham would be gardening, sister Srija would be getting ready for her breakfast, father Thomas would be pleading for tea in Tamil, Prabhakaran would have reached the college and would be waiting in front of library, Janet would be making tea, sister Veni would be getting ready for breakfast as well, Jennet would be sleeping and her pet-dog would have been tired of waking her up, Megha’s fan would have been switched off and she would be awaken up by mosquitoes, and Leo would have set alarm in his mobile for 7 times and all of them would be sounding like lullaby to him. Promptly I remembered about that stranger who asked me to file case against them.
Even if I do as he said, for fun, what will I do when the justice asks me the witness?
Who can witness my dream?

Note: this post and the title are unintentional.
Dear scholars, (my M.Phil classmates) if this post harms you by any mean please inform me directly or indirectly so that I can remove it.

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  1. Anna, on looking the topic itself I guessed that it was going to be a comedy. But, I did not expect that this would turn this much anticlimax.

  2. Anna, on looking the title itself I guessed that it was going to be a comedy. But, I didn't realize that it would turn this much anticlimax.


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