07 June 2014

The Unforgettable person and the Unforgettable day of my life. ch 2

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10th December 2009
The drama begins now. We went to SNPT College around 8.30 in the morning.
Our team leader came, and many resource persons too arrived. Leo introduced me as his friend, but I know that I am not qualified for this. I always consider me as his disciple. All of them were elder to me including Leo. They asked us to proceed to the class.
Mr. Lincoln, the Founder Director of Udayam Foundation who was also our leader, was speaking to the students.
In due course Leo asked me to take class for twenty five minutes. After some time he quietly knocked the table. I wrapped up my speech.
He said “I asked you to speak for 25 minutes but you did it for 35 minute, Very Good.” I said “Sorry brother.”
One of our resource persons came and invited me to the next class. I said “Let brother come.”
Leo replied “I won’t be coming with you; don’t worry they will take care of you.”
That sir whispered “Mr. Vinoth you have 8 more classes to teach, six before lunch, and two after.
Then I asked Leo, “Brother what is this? I have prepared only for 25 minutes.”
Leo replied “Just share your experience, it will inspire them.”
I indignantly asked “what is there to share?”
“Go, go, you are already behind the time.” Said Leo and went inside to continue his class.
They were taking me here and there, and asking me to speak all my experience. I had no time to call them to mind. I had only few things to speak. However, I started recollecting my incidents and sayings of my teachers and parents. When I finished one class, I got only half a minute to prepare for the next. Nevertheless, I completed my morning session
In the afternoon they left me alone and said that each class requires one hour speech. Fortunately they said to me during the lunch. Finally I managed to speak. I had a good interaction with the students in the noon time. My class got over at 3.55.
Eventually brother came and joined me at four o clock. Then he kept something in my pocket and asked me to keep it safe. Then we departed from SNPT and Reached Loyola around 6 p.m.
I thought that this is the right time to return his money which he kept in my pocket but he refuse to accept it and told me to keep as it belongs to me.
“I didn’t come for money,” Said I, and tried my level best to give back the money. He said “This is your remuneration for your work, you deserve it.”
“I don’t deserve anything and I never expected this would happen. Surely I can’t get it from you, and I added in a sorrowful tone, “I had a very good day with you and the students. Please don’t make it a sad one.”
“This is our custom, not only ours but also everyone else. You sow; you reap, Give it to your parents and tell the whole thing to them.” said Leo in a professional tone.
Finally he won the verbal battle.
12th December 2009
I would still remember that Saturday. I went home, gave the money to my father and said the whole lot to my parents. Then I came out to have a wash. In the interim my ears heard something. My parents were talking to each other. My mother said happily “First income of our Second son” and father further added “Keep it in front of God’s photo.”
The end.


  1. Thank you for this inspiring story... It is good to experience it live and alive :)
    Great moments being with you and seeing you inspiring young minds...
    Continue Inspiring :)
    God Bless and All the best

  2. Thank you Leo Brother for exposing the hidden talent in Vinoth Anna. As Leo Brother said, you are inspiring people like me Vinoth Anna and keep doing it including this blog writing.


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