15 June 2014


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Sunday, June 15, 2014 Categories: , ,

Whom should I believe in this world?
The trauma was not offered by my foe to digest
Teach me a lesson, my dear dad.
To bear when my protectors start to protest

Today, the belief has betrayed me!
The memory has forgotten me!
The fact has paltered to me!
My tears was laughing at me!

There my hands were deliberately left!
And the hopes then completely slept!
At last standing like an orphan
It seemed that I am created only for fun

My light was darkening my life!
My mirth was pushing me into melancholy!
When the soul is suspending my body,
What else can I do? My lovable daddy!

Since I can endure horrendous afflictions
People think that I don’t have pain at all
Since I conceal my tears always
They declare that I don’t have tears to trickle

Hurting is a custom for them. They hurt
Bearing is easy for me, I bear
Apologizing is a formality for them. They do nonchalantly
But expecting me to forgive them wholeheartedly! I too forgive happily

But how long can I act? as if I am happy?
How long can I pretend? as if I am strong?
How long can I lie that I am not hurt?
Do I have the right to ask them “why?”
No… No… No… I don’t.



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