11 June 2014


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Wednesday, June 11, 2014 Categories: , ,
I still love my life and the world.
You know why? Since it is given by you
I still love myself and the soul.
Only since I am born to you

You are my ultimate strength
But I am your all-time weakness
You are the cause of my pleasures
I am the cause of your all pains.

I might have been born to you
But you are born for me!
I cannot bear the tears in your eyes
Which is always shed for my eyes

Enough of praying for me to god
He is mindless and not kind as you!
You are my Brahma, created this boy
I am your Shiva, destroyed your joy!

You should have been a sinner in the past
As a result, I am born as your son!
I would have been a saint before
That is why; I got you as my mom.

Sometimes, I may be avoiding you,
Sometimes, I may go away from you,
Sometimes, they may be hurting you
But every time I am in love with you.

I have to survive in troubles
If you see them, it will grow double
I don’t want you to see my pain
Sometimes, you happen to see and you strain.

Take this from me with the heavy heart
Whenever you see me suffering
Just look at me as a stranger
And forget that I am your son!

Enough of suffering for me my mom,
Enough of weeping, now be calm
Take care of yourself and take rest now
Except these words, I have no way to show my love.

Vinoth Subramanian


  1. intha poem nalla irukkunu ellam sollittu poka mudiyala vinoth. ippotan padichen! rompa late aaa padichu irukken! enakku kadavul nampikkai ellam illa anal antha idathai yarukkavathu tharanum endral athai ammaavukkutan tharanum! ithukku mela enna ezutharuthunu theriyala poem nice!

  2. hi v for vinoth .. your mom is very lucky to get you as her son ... i dnt think this is only to your mom this can be dedicated to all the mom in the world ... very special and touching ...

  3. Thanks Shalini for reading and giving valuable comments.


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