06 June 2014

The Unforgettable person and the Unforgettable day of my life.

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Hi All!!!
I am Vinoth Subramanian
This is my own story. I write this incident in order to show my gratitude towards a blessed soul.
That concerned person was not aware of my writing as it was written for my assignment.
Actually I thought of reading it in my class, but time did not give its blessing to me to tell about my incident and about my friendly GURU. I literally felt unhappy for not revealing it in my class. But then I realized that God expects something more from me. That is the reason why I am posting it on blog about this (unforgettable incident and the unforgettable man) in my life. Let the world know about this great man.
Before I begin I should reveal an important thing. (I AM A BLIND MAN),
Yes! Visually challenged as called nowadays.
December 9, 20o9
That was the month of December, and a pure Wednesday around nine at night, I received a call.
“Hello” said I.
“This is Leo” said a well known voice.
“Hi brother what a surprise; that too at night?” asked I.
“Nothing, Had your dinner?” asked Leo. “Yes brother” I replied.
After a while he asked me, “Will you be free on to-morrow?”
I said “with five classes.”
Then Leo beseeched “Can you sacrifice them?”
“For what reason?” replied I, in a tone of mystification
“I have been invited for a seminar tomorrow, they need one more person to join, can you make it?” retorted me with question.
“You want me to attend?” asked I humorously
“No, to present” said he.
“What?” asked I shockingly
“Yes, we are going to do it” answered he in a cool manner.
“What! Then why are you calling me? ” replied I, in an unclear mind.
Leo replied me in detail. “I know that you can do it. You are going to motivate them. Get ready with the speech at seven O’ clock in the morning.”
I was really shocked and totally confused. Then I asked him “Oh! Brother I can’t do it. How do you think that I can handle youth, that too a motivational speech?”
He smiled and said “Don’t deny just share your past experience; I will be with you throughout the day.”
“How many minutes do I need to speak?” asked I.
“Just prepare for 25 minutes. Don’t worry I will guide you”. Take Care. See you tomorrow. Good Night
10th December 2009
The drama begins now. (will continue)


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