10 September 2014


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How can I proceed further?
When I don’t know the place I am standing!
I happened to ask  you my life because,
I know the way but don’t know how to march!

Now I heard your bewitching voice.
You told me that I am at the receivers end!
Taking you as my journey is the only choice
So the target is to attain the givers end.

Accepting this journey is your ultimate command
I obey you my life since you have become my journey
You have stopped me and I’ve listen to you
Now it’s time for me to proceed.

But the threat is there since she is still there!
I am terribly afraid when she stares at me.
She often tries to steal my journey and laughs
I can’t even wriggle when her hands embraces me!

She can make my journey debacle!
Even gods and goddesses seem to support her!
I remember her name is Fate.
I have my perseverance and will try to defeat her.

My individual expedition will be happing in the dark
Tarrying without itinerary
All I am seeing are only speed breakers!
But surely I’ll find the plain road one day.

I know my life, you are a painful journey
Pains are nothing just an outcome of feelings
So I beseech you my beloved life
Either cure my pains or kill my feelings!

Falling in this journey is mandatory
I believe, I’ll rise where ever I fall
In case if I fail to rise back
At least my slumping will remain a lesson.

I need to pass over many hurdles
So I ask you to supply my needs
You need not offer me what I ask
Just give me what I need.

I may meet many men and women on the way
Some people will serve me food and water
Some souls will bestow love and affection
What else am I going to give them my life?

Love is the only asset that I’ve possessed.
Hearts are the only thing I’ll see in them.
Even their miens won’t be visible in the dark
So this earth will be heaven and everyone will be god.

Repaying them will be surely impossible
Still I will keep on visiting many hearts
I believe that I can survive in few hearts
Help me my life, to live in any heart.

If anything happens to me on the way
You need not let other to pay homage to me
I don’t desire thousand eyes to weep
Just one man’s tears is more than enough for me.

This journey is not going to have days
Only nights will be sustaining for decades
The destiny will be discovered and reached
When my eyes stare at the sunrise.

end of the poem “THE LETTER, TO MY LIFE”

Vinoth subramanian


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