12 September 2014


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Beatrice Brita (my friend,) is capable of arousing the eyes of the readers and professors through her calligraphic scripts. She is always interested in writing something on the board during the absence of professors and also known as teacher of handwriting.

It was December twelfth 2012. She was simply writing something on the board when class was left empty by the professor. Only very few of us were there in the class.
“Vinoth” she turned towards me and called.
“Yes Brita,” I replied and waited for her to speak more.
She stopped decorating the board and walking towards me.
“How are you Vinoth?”
It was sufficient for me to share everything to her for she was very close to me. Not only that, in my class, very few people knew about my personal life and she too knew a few. I remembered that I had told certain things to her about me. Therefore it didn’t bother me to share with her.
“I am fine Brita.” I said. It was for the formality I said I know. How to say that I am not fine when she enquires about my health? She also knew very well that I was lying hence she switched over to the next question.
“What happened Vinoth? How is the pain now?”
I decided to tell everything for I was unable to share anything to anyone for the last sixteen days
“After that house warming,” I started, “I went to hospital with the heavy ache. Initially they said that it was cause of pressure. They gave some drops.” I said and didn’t know from where to begin and continue. I was not in a position to narrate the exact story though I wanted someone to listen to me.
“I didn’t open my eyes for four days due to unbearable pain. At last I managed to open it on the fifth day. But Brita, I was shocked! Everything went dark! I closed it and opened again but I found no difference at all!” I said and felt some relief in my body and mind. I could sense that my burden has been put down for some time. I came to my real life and felt that I could frame the story properly.
“Listen to me Brita, let me tell you what happened exactly.” I said and continued. “That day I said no?” I said and waited for verbal reaction. But no reply I received from her side. I didn’t want to continue further. With a minute hesitation, I stretched my hand to touch and confirm her presence. For the second time after that incident, I remember that I was using my hand to find whether the listener was there are not. I was completely shocked for she was not there! I was unable to guess about her unexpected disappearance. Immediately I started questioning my mind.
“When she left the place? Why she left the place? She used to inform me whenever she leaves! What would have happened? What happened to her?” I was unable to think further for I already had too many questions in my mind. I even lost my puissance to shout her name and ended up in submitting myself to that serene loneliness.
“She will come back! She will certainly comeback!” said my mind and again shoved me in  to that atrocious flashback.

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