28 September 2014


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First of all, this Blog does salute Mr. Suseenthiran for his courage and slapping the modernized caste-system involved in Cricket

Production: Vishal film factory
Cast: Vishnu, Lakshman, Sri Divya
Direction, Story, Screenplay: Suseenthiran
Music and background score: D Imman
Cinematography: R Madhi
Dialogues: Santhosh
Editing: Anthony l Ruben
Art Direction: Cs Anandhan
Dance Choreography: Shobi
Lyrics: Madhan Karki, Vairamuthu

Cricket is not a game but the asset of politics. There are plenty of people in this country decried chances from their aspiring ambitions. Some of them assimilated, some of them were disappointed, some of them digested and few of them deceased for it too.

Hero, Jeeva (Vishnu) aspires to become a good cricketer like Sachin in his early days. In the mean time heroine, Jenny (Sri Divya) comes to the hero’s vicinity. Hero falls in love with her and giving lunch break to his cricket aspiration. The love is identified by their parents and separation begins due to the heavy wrangle of the two families. Again he begins the life with his bat due to the elderly advises for the mind- diversion. He joins the cricket club and puts a good partnership with Ranjith (Lakshman.) both show their talents in all the matches but neglected opportunities in Ranji due to the involvement of caste-system under the shade of politics. Did he get placed in Ranji Trophy with his friend? Did he join his lady-love? Did he become an Indian cricketer? Answers the sniveling screen.

Hero (Vishnu) basically a real cricketer, scores well in this movie. Especially his mixed emotion in the climax is highly notable and appreciable.

Heroine (Sri Divya) comes and calls hero “Anna” and later loves. ‘So don’t lose hope when a girl calls you anna’. She also offers good performance in some places such as drinking wine during the absence of her father, offering it to hero with fear, looking back the glass while going, and telling him “I steal but don’t tell lies.”

Soori gets only few places to strike but still manages to hit some humorous boundaries.

Lakshman plays a vital part and sets the theme of the story. His dialogue of agitation,
“Pathnaru perula pathanalu peru unga aalungathan, appo talent irukka nangalam ennap” receives special applause from the audience and makes the real victims who were denied opportunities to recollect their past-failures.

Hero’s father and his neighbor play decent roles

Imman carries the movie along with the good background score though not the best. Songs are good and worth listening but slowing the pace of the movie.

Though the premature love, family wrangles replay his previous movie “aathalal kadhal seyvir,” it is bearable since they contribute for the main story. However the director could have avoided his ideas of reputation.

People talk: really good movie to watch.

Theatre talk: expected for fifty days since it lacks commercial elements.

Media talk: The movie is watchable and appreciable rating is given from 3.25 to 3.5/5.

Producers’ view: expected prophet but no loss.

VS Comment:
Jeeva: first half singles and doubles, second half sixes and boundaries and a must watchable innings.


  1. na jeeva innaikkutaan paarthen.
    movi yum unnoda reviewvum 2um super.

    padathai pathi pesanum na niraiya pesalam
    apperpatta padathai arimukam paduthiyathukku thanks.
    last aa na paarthathu vela illaa pattathaaritaan.
    mindum oru nalla padam paartha anupavam jeeva.


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