15 September 2014


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Life is indeed a cruel punishment
Given me for an uncommitted crime
Hope you’ll come and rewrite this judgment
Your arrival will harbinger my departing time!

Fatigued of confronting daily deception
My soul is ready to deceive my body we’ll elope
No hindrance will be there we can even have grand reception!
Expecting you every night with an unended hope

Instead of depending too many souls,
Let my soul depend you permanently!
Instead of living here like a dead body
Better this body live soullessly

You become enemy to those who want to live
And become friend to those who want to commit suicide
Who are you to me indeed?
Certainly not a friend and can’t be a foe either

My dear lovable and harmless death
I think you are going to be my first wife
I am obviously ready to renounce my breath
The moment you come and give me the new life

You may love everyone impartially
Do they return to you what you give?
But I am in love with you honestly
When you say “yes,” we shall begin to live!

We shall marry at the very first sight!
From then on, I’ll be completely yours.
Where shall we have our honey-moon?
Heaven or hell we’ll decide while we travel

How will you find and approach me?
Will you kiss me when I am in sleep?
Will you cuddle me while traveling somewhere?
Or will you swallow me through natural calamities?

Appear in any form I won’t mind
But when you come, come only for me
Remember, no other soul I should find
What I expect is complete privacy!

It’s not urgent; take your own time to reach me
For I also have some souls to love and care me
Betraying them is very difficult so,
Come after a half century, will go!

This life is miserable I know
But a miserable life is a meaningful life!
I should find the meaning. So no hurry
None can rob me away from you. Don’t worry!

Love becomes very strong
When lovers wait for each other long
We have to prove it to men and women
So let me be here, can you wait till then?

End of the poem “THE LETTER, TO MY DEATH”


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