01 January 2017


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And that’s all the address I know.

My dear one night girl friend

Does love need a proper address?

Even the unaddressed missive will land at the lover I’ve heard

I’ve heard but none told

Untold words are heard in love I heard

I heard this too but untold

Does it sound like blabbing?

I know it must be.

Basic qualification of a lover is to begin with blabs

Hence this beginner begins with it.

Do I do it properly?

My dear one night girl friend

Sorry I don’t remember your name now.

I had known your name but forgot how I came to know.

Shared it with my sister after our meeting

But somehow I forgot it.

I’m not playing with you

Playing with someone’s feelings is not good in love

You played a lot

I feel a lot

And I’m not feeling well now

Playing my memory now; please peruse it with love.

Our final meeting was the first meeting

Yet we faced each other like familiar faces

It would have been four months since we met

Yet the seashore would sing the song of our story

Beneath the sun, you and I,

Between the wind, you and I;

Below the sky, you and I,

Beside the sea, you and I;

Despite many legs stood on the seashore,

You and I let the waves to spy.

Not even a couple of seconds would have lasted

But you cuddled me as we’re a long lasting couple.

Waves moved, wind moved and we remained unmoved.

Though we stood on the ground

We fell for each other like our shadows

What happened next was the best of all

You pulled me closer; squeezed me tighter.

My chin gradually rested on your shoulder

Your lips reached my ears for something to whisper.

And you proposed.

Proposed me thrice

Thrice with tears

“I love you… I love you… I love you!”

Usually girls blush when propose I noticed.

But you did it with tears I wondered

Why did you cry?

Did you predict the miserable future?

When my heart was halted with questions,

My palms reached your eyes to pick the teardrops

The tears evaporated, and they deceived my palms.

But my wrists were receiving the breath of the breeze.

Interest is the principle of love

And the maturity doesn’t matter at all.

We continued cuddling,

Having no care about the crowd

The presence of love absents all the other presence.

The wordless language soon after that proposal

Spoken by your lips; listened by my cheek

First time for the very first time

Not my ears but my cheek

Had listened to the lips of a woman

A peck of a woman is a precious medicine

Which gives life to a man’s pulse, nerves and senses

Your lips taught me the lesson on that day

Only woman like you can do these wonders together

You unleashed my body and arrested my mind

Love is a legalized crime

Getting released is a real punishment

And getting arrested is an ecstasy

Then, we happily held each other’s hands

And slowly strolled on the shore

Holding the beloved hand is a heavenly feeling

I felt the heaven in your palm

And the palm of mine surrendered my soul.

Good moments never stay longer

Our diminutive walking diminished within few seconds

We were at your home suddenly

You called your parents to pose me

I was agog as they came out.

Everything started to disappear

You left my hand and disappeared

Without any words your parents disappeared

I found myself lying on the floor

My consciousness confused me on that day.

It wasn’t a day but night

It wasn’t your house but mine

It wasn’t your parents but none

It wasn’t an incident but a dream

Were you also part of it?

Were those meeting and hugging a dream?

Were those holding and walking a dream?

Wasn’t that peck real?

Let everything be aside

What about you and the love?

Did that ‘I love you’ evaporate like your tears?

The duration of dreams is between five and forty-five minutes.

But, they offer an unimagined life to a man

Though not sustained, it was a sweetest dream for me

What if sweet dreams prolonged for years?

A man’s day and night vanish when a woman proposes him.

And they never appear back when her proposal becomes a dream.

I dreamt of you at once as girl friend

The dream was about a day but in the night.

And now the question is,

What are you to me?

Are you my one day girl friend?

Or, my one night girl friend?

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  1. Hi vinoth, happy new year cant just say it was a nice post because it is beeond that! such a nice and lovely letter. the wording which you using is really powerful and beautifull especially The presence of love absents all the other presence. What a fact!!! the entire letter is really amazing and enchanting. the way you narrate clearly portrays the pain, pleasure and the beauti of love. rocking letter keep it up friend.


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