04 December 2016


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Sunday, December 04, 2016 Categories: , , ,

Wondering what is happing to me

My mind is wavering and wobbling now

Deeming on some dangerous things,

Dancing in the brain now.

Memories! Memories! Oh my memories

Mixing my mirth and melancholy

Making those worst old days in to best,

And, converting best into worst.

Achievements fly like dreams

Accidents always accompany.

Happy moments stay for hours

And agonizing moments sustain all the time.

What is not needed is with me

And wants and needs are concealed

I am thinking and laughing of those angry moments

And feeling sad upon those happy moments

Saddest minutes are slaying the happiest days

And these bloody minutes become spectators.

This mind is dying without knowing its dying.

And this body is punished for no reason.

Thunders and heavy rains didn’t touch me

But, drizzles deject me a lot

Pains and injuries didn’t put me down

Now, scars scare me on the spot

Bane or boon I never know!

Blessed or cursed I never want to know.

The beatific peace of mine is broken

As the brain is severely blemished.

Being not able to be myself

Brave boy is gradually becoming brittle bloke

The past is putting down my present.

And makes me panicking of my future.

Killing kiss and harming hugs

Threatening touches and slaying words

Massing in the mind and

Haunting, horrifying hammering me

It’s all because you my memories

It’s all because of you!

You’re stronger than iron rod

Striking, striking, and striking inside me to the core.

Stay away my memories!

Stay away from me!

Stay away for my peace

Stay away till I live

Or stay away till I die!


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