10 July 2016


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I think Leo doesn’t need an introduction. Even the first post of my Blog was about him. This is my seventy-fifth post here. It may not matter to others but, for me, memories matter a lot. Before proceeding to those memorable moments, I have something to say.

Yesterday was my birthday. There was no possibility of notification on Facebook for I have set like that. As I guessed, he changed the titles in Whats app groups where I am in. I was off line after 11:30 a.m. The whole day was spent only with my brother. I got the news in the evening. Leo would call me after 10:00 P.m. was my other prediction. He called as I predicted but I couldn’t pick up. I connected my charger, opened Whats App and found the changes in the groups.

‘Leo changed the name of the group from English Literature 09 to Happy birthday Vinoth.’

Too many messages! I scrolled down to read the rest.

‘Leo changed the name of the group from 09El Loyola to Happy birthday Vinoth.’

Few messages, I scrolled down again.

‘Leo changed the name of the group from 12PEL Batch Loyola to Happy birthday Vinoth.’

I wanted to read all and wished like thanking each and everyone. But, I noticed my eyes were already closing to sleep. I fought back myself and scrolled.

‘Yasar changed the name of the group from love you guys to Happy birthday Vinoth.’

It was the only shock to me yesterday. I opened, checked, thanked a few people and closed. Being in many groups is a big deal. We don’t know where to respond first. I scrolled a little. As Janet informed me,

‘Leo changed the name of the group from M.Phil revisted to Birthday wishes to Vino.’

Only two messages! I felt happy and got up from my bed. I thanked Jennet and father Thomas in person. I recollected his missed call, thought a little and deliberately changed the title of the group. Even my third prediction didn’t fail me. He called me the moment when he saw the change of the title of the group. I attended the call. My mind was active but, my body wasn’t. I didn’t even unplug the charger (DO NOT COMMIT THAT MISTAKE) and talked.

“I was waiting for you to change the title.” He said. Synonym: he was waiting to call me again.

If anybody thought he would have wished me, I am sorry. My response didn’t allow him to do.

Moreover, he called me at 10:57 p.m. but, his wasn’t the last call yesterday and the name of the last caller is mentioned in the last line of the post.

My top ten best moments with Leo:

10. In his national office. On 22-08-2015.

9. Yercaud trekking. All the others were hesitating to take me and he initiated.

8. The Ennur training program. (already written)
7. In Santhome beach. The next day after his birthday.

6. The day I was invited as a judge to Santhome school competition for the first time. He was the one to invite me.

5. First time boating in Ooty. Only he and I.

4. The debut of my seminar experience in SNPT with him. (already written)
3. Our training program to AICUF students in Trichi (from 12-09-2013 to 15-09-2013).

2. His visit to my home. Especially the second visit amidst heavy rain.

1. On my fifth time to SNPT college to conduct training program, where Leo introduced a resource person named


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