08 April 2016


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Friday, April 08, 2016 Categories: , , ,

You’re there for our memorable past.

And also for our miserable present to represent!

We seek your help for our future duress.

You invariably stand by us as an omnipresent!

People accept you’re a better relief.

Many admit you’re a bitter pain.

You differ from person to person.

Still you’re a personalty to all!

Who are you to me my tears?

Friend? Foe? Philosopher? Tormentor?

Your presence makes me feel ashamed of myself.

But, your absence is even worse to me as I adore!

How many times I hated you to the core?

Though I needed my cheek to be soppy

I hated you since I loved you more.

And wanted my fingers with my eyes in solitary.

I never wished to show you before others.

Though I let you trickled from my eyes!

Many times concealed you beneath my coolers.

Pretended to others with numerous lies!

I noticed you my privy tears,

You’d come with some expectations and for my relief

And shockingly craved for a third palm

But, end up in love with my kerchief!

The two recent occurrences in my life

Have forced me to write this letter to you

The occurrences are equally powerful like a knife,

Yet you’re advent was even a shock and noticed by a few!

The first occurrence was an expected one

I was the director of that tragic tale

There your arrival was actually noticed by none

Twas my well planned self-deception to derail.

It confused me and tested my fortitude

Since my strongest eyes started to lament!

Neither once, nor twice, but nine times in solitude!

And the tenth was on a man’s lap for solacement!

It was a conflict between the cause and the loss,

I was judging the loss yet defending the cause;

You were aware of the cause but standing for the loss

I defeated you and you won over me.

The second incident was a sensitive one

I didn’t even deem of your presence!

Here, you were promptly noticed by everyone!

I realized I was strongly losing my puissance.

You bestowed me a chance to worry

For the person who is more important than me

But, this time, I didn’t feel ashamed and feel sorry

For shedding you that really made me feel glee.

This is a letter of secrecy to care

Neither of us should reveal those occurrences

I am waiting for the person to come for me to share

Till then, this secret letter should remain a secret.


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