03 May 2016


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 It was March, marching towards the summer. A shock was waiting for me. Election time had begun to boil everything in Tamilnadu. Our bank started selecting people from each branch. A mail had come. I wasn’t aware of anything till my manager started conversing with Anitha ma’am in the lunch break.

“A mail has come regarding election duty. An officer and a junior most clerical go for duty it seems.” She began. Her next word was a fact of surprise to me.

“Vinoth and I were asked to go for the election duty.”

I didn’t react much though I was little shocked. I could guess that it would have happened by mistake.

“Don’t they know about him?” Anitha ma’am asked.

“I think they mayn’t.”

I also guessed the same. If they had known me they would not have selected me for the election duty. Moreover, none would willingly select a visually challenged for these works.

“However, they should have been aware of everything and each person.” Anitha ma’am said.

“They should have known. What to do? They make mistake. I will send a mail to regional office and let them know promptly.” My manager replied.

“Have I been selected for the election duty?” I asked myself with the at most shock. I felt neither happy nor sad on this as I knew very well that they’d reject me when notice it.

But, in the last week, my manager had received another mail, which contained the same list. I casually entered in to the room and she told everything which didn’t make me serious as she was always there for my side to solve my problems. She began sending mails, discussing with branches, substituting staffs and kept on informing the concern person in this regard.

It was twenty-first April. She came to my counter and called me.

“Vinoth…” She paused a little and continued.

“They haven’t even seen our mails it seems. They say the order copy has been dispatched to Manavalanagar branch. They ask you to come and collect.” She said and hesitantly continued.

“After collecting the order copy from him, he said, you need to go to a school located in Poonamallie; there they will cancel your duty.”

“When should I go ma’am?”

“They ask you to go to the school on coming Sunday and, regarding collecting the order copy, you are asked to report before tomorrow. He said he will be there in the branch till 8 PM today.

“What is his name?”

““She said and continued.

“He says he didn’t receive any mail from us, then, saying that he was aware of a visually impaired staff in one of the branches and no idea of the branch. Moreover, he asked all the other branches and forgot to ask us he says.”

It sounded funny to me but I didn’t react much at that time.

My assistant manager seemed little upset and reacted by saying,

“This is completely unfair. Better ignore it. What will they do if the person is leave on that day?”

“Now he has to roam unnecessarily. Isn’t it? How many times we sent mails? I even called and told him that we had a visually impaired staff in our branch.” My manager scornfully said.

I listened to her and said.

“Okay ma’am. Let me go. Let me collect the order copy first.  Will he be there till 8 pm? I can reach if I start now.”

“Why Vinoth? You can go tomorrow.”

 “I will call my father and confirm his position first. If he’s free let me finish it now.” I said and waited for his arrival. They might have thought that I would take it serious. But, on the contrary, I just wanted to utilize this experience.

Once again she began dialing him to cancel the order to ease my troubles. But, he was busy with some calls. Nothing had worked out. Nothing was in favor of me. I decided to make a move.

I called my father to come soon without telling anything over the phone. He came, I told the actual situation. He had some work on that day. But, he was also ready for the journey. I informed my manager and departed from the branch.

“Vinoth, ask him whether he can resolve this issue if possible.” She said while leaving.

It would be around thirteen to fourteen kilometer from our branch.

My father started riding the bike. We kept talking. We rarely talk while traveling but, on that day, we talked.

“We are going for getting rejected and not for anything.”

“Why do they do like this?” He asked.

“What to do? My manager fought enough. These people are completely irresponsible.”

“What should we do after getting the order copy?”

“We should go to school to submit and say that I can’t do this.”

“It’s just a beginning daddy. We have to go far.” I said.

He didn’t say anything to that and let me continue.

“Totally three training classes I was told. If they select me I should go for training.”

“When are they?”

“Who knows? Don’t worry I will be rejected and the order will be canceled. What work can they offer me in polling booth?”

“Don’t they know you are a visually challenged? Don’t they check all those things before typing the order copy?”

“You ask so. But, I have another doubt. Won’t they check their mails at least? Okay, that can be forgiven. My manager informed them over the phone. Won’t they remember at least? I don’t know what to say. Something is happening in life. Something different is happening in my life. That’s all I can say.”

We had reached the Manavalanagar branch. My father took me to the counter. A lady staff asked us to wait for a while after understanding our purpose of coming. My father was describing the branch atmosphere. We were sitting inside nearly for ten minutes. We were asked to go inside where Mr. ___ was standing.

“I have your order copy. You collect it from me and proceed to the school on Sunday.”

“Can’t you resolve it on your own by using your influence?” My father asked him politely.

“No. I can’t do anything now. Everything is out of hand. We asked branches to give name list for election duty. No response was received. Hence, we created the list.”

I didn’t say anything for that but asked him the actual question.

“At what time we should be reaching the school? And, which school?”

“You need to go to Saint Joseph matriculation school in Poonamallie. Try to be at ten o clock Am. They will cancel the order. Then, you come back and give the copy to me.”

“Okay sir. We said reluctantly.”

 “He doesn’t need to come. They would write in the application form. You just come and hand over it to me.” He said to my father.

“No problem sir! I will come and hand it over to you.”

“Are you hundred% blind?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you sign?”

“Nope. Thumb impression will be better.” I said. Not that I don’t know to sign but, I invariably put thumb when it is official.

I placed my thumb and received the order copy.

“Don’t worry. Another hearing impaired staff also was erroneously chosen.”

I knew very well that he should have been the only responsible for all mistakes. I broke my silence finally and asked.

“My ma’am had sent you mails and also informed over the phone.”

“It was too late… too late… too late…” He reluctantly uttered thrice which sounded like ‘my duty is over’.

We came out. My father was very furious and scolding him. After finishing some important works, we reached our home at eight thirty Pm. My father disclosed the order copy to read. I was not interested at all as I knew very well that I would be rejected on following Sunday.


I was startled while he was reading the order.

“Have they called me for training?” I expressed my shock.

He finished reading. After listening to the whole reading, I took a long breath in the night and he took the bike in the morning to drop me at my branch.

I narrated everything to my manager and told the last and most significant part of the previous day’s incident.

“I was not angry at him for putting me in trouble, making me roaming here and there, ignoring your mails and his irresponsibility in this issue. Actually, it was some other thing which made me become fury.” I paused a moment and said,

“He said you delayed sending mail to him.”

She was shocked and said once again.

“He told me he didn’t receive any mail! He said he forgot to enquire our branch.”

“But, he narrates a different story to me.”

“I should go to the school, I should get it canceled, and then, I should go back to him for returning the copy. Instead of going back to him, what if I accept this duty? Moreover, I am interested to do this but, the problem is, what job will I be given there?”

“Yeah. You just have a try Vinoth. Ask them whether they can offer any job at the time of election. If it is possible, if you have no problem, carefully carry on!”

Had I got any other person as manager in my career, I would have been completely neglected due to my visual disability. But, I am gifted to have her as my manager. She understands me when need comes. She supports me when problem comes. She appreciates me when time comes.

“Okay ma’am. I go to the school. Let it come whatever comes.”

To be continued.
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