21 November 2015


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Saturday, November 21, 2015 Categories: , , ,

Where are you hiding yourself my strength?
I am questing and requesting you to billow in me again.
I know you are aware of the happenings here
But why are you slumbering when my fate is offering me fear?

I got the life, but hesitating to live.
I have the hand, but hesitating to hold
I sense the problem, but hesitating to face
I got the chance, but denied to express.

I have the capacity to be optimistic
But it will lead to definite disaster.
Deliberately maintaining myself to be pessimistic
But this mind gets burnt by a strange desire.

Unheeded the unnecessary suspicion once
But now suffering from an unexpected belief
The words have crossed and broken my fence
Now the heart is excruciated and finding no relief

I was suspected with the strange sentence,
“I trust you.”
And I was trusted with the sullied phrase!
“Is that truth? Is that truth?”

The secret guest has arrived in me without my consent
Angel or a demon I don’t recognize
It should not stay and has to be sent
Do it my strength before I come to realize.

My words will surely slay others. So
I keep myself in silence now a days
But my silence now harms me like an arrow
Though I will have to continue this always

The belief with suspect is gone
The suspicions with belief also is gone
My mind believes and suspects so
But it’s suspecting the belief and believing the suspect

Wake up my strength and make up my mind
Take me to an unknown world and none should find
Remove me from both and renew my growth
Restore my life as it was before.

Written on 10-01-2015


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