18 August 2015


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A month ago my friend and I had gone to design a website. There was a problem in it so he was unsatisfied with the previous designing. The web designer came and they conversed more than two hours. I was listening without uttering a single word. The atmosphere was new to me. I tried mustering some details from both. As a Blogger I felt happy for knowing them. Web designing is not an easy job. They have to work till the customer is satisfied. Sitting in a particular place for a long time will not fit to my nature. They were correcting each and every part of the web. It was enthralling but I felt like having a small break. However, I thought of sharing it in my Blog if it was more interesting. It was informative and interesting too. But, I, sometimes, think of the readers also. For that designer, it was a business. For my friend, it was a service. For me, it was a learning and experience. Three members, one place, one purpose but the journey was the same. The path was the same. The end also was the same. But, the goal differed from person to person. After that successful conversation, we came out. My friend asked about the experience. I said it was nice. He asked me where you tired in the middle. I said not much. He asked me about the experience. I was slightly fatigued in the middle. But not disinterested. I was searching something for my Blog I said.
‘Now a days I notice you are trying to write each and everything in your Blog’. He said.
’ Not exactly! I try to write only fascinating things which can be read by the readers. Moreover, I don’t want them to feel bored’.
‘That’s not an issue. One day you may get addicted to it. For example, you may go somewhere only for writing.’
’ I may not go like that.’ I replied.
‘Moreover, I think too much and take too much of time to put incidents in my Blog’.
But now, I think, I need to write a lot to survive in this world. Only two things may come till my death I think. One is my cane and the other one is my Blog.  As he said, now, I am thinking of going somewhere only for the experience. Only for writing.
What’s wrong in that?

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  1. There is nothing wrong in that. Continue experiencing and writing too Anna.


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