03 August 2015


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Shalini, did her post graduation with me for two years. She is still in touch with me. Today, I sent her friendship day wishes. But, the reply came.

“I am angry with you, you told me you will send me mail but you didn’t trust me that I am capable enough to do alignment.” I saw the message. It was, for me, an expected message. I told her one week ago that is last Sunday. Hence, I replied,
“Let the anger continue, and you should not feel after listening to my story.”
No reply has come as of now. So, what is the actual story?
My classmates were busy with their thesis. They were asking me whether I need any help or not. I didn’t want to disturb them till they finish. Shalini called me at the very right time. I told her to align my table of contents. On that Sunday, I told her I will send mail before tonight. But, I didn’t prepare that table of contents. I was waiting for some other things to be completed. I wanted to revise some errors as my guide suggested. It took time. I didn’t send mail. That’s all!
Monday went, Tuesday went, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday all days joined them. Megha, Leo and I belonged to the same guide. We thought of having final correction on Tuesday in the college. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passed away! So, holiday. Megha and Leo were doing their final chapter. I had prepared a chart for data analysis. I didn’t know how to include it with word document. I sought help from Neena sister (sister of Janet). She is in IT field. I sent her for including the chart and also asked to put page number. She was working for me in the midnight. She finished it 1:00 and sent. I thought of Shalini for table of contents. But, for that, I must send the document. But, didn’t prepare at all! We had to submit it on Thursday. Wednesday came. I gave it to Megha to check my thesis. She scolded me for not asking her any help. She didn’t sleep on Tuesday and slept on Wednesday early morning 5:30. She was editing her thesis she said.
“How can I disturb you then?” I asked her. Again, scolding.  Leo joined us. Megha took my document, started changing all the headings into caps and rearranging fonts. Fortunately, Thursday was declared as holiday due to Kalam’s funeral. Hence, we were asked to submit our thesis on August third that is today. Finally, three of us sent the mail to our guide. We were waiting for his order. He replied and asked us to go for printing after correcting some minor errors. I didn’t want my table of contents to be lengthy. Both Leo and Megha also had finished. Hence, I didn’t want to trouble Shalini. Nonetheless, the final works tested our patience. The title page, certificate page and the declaration page! Oh my god! He alone knows the difficulties. I started sending everything to Megha as she was familiar with my thesis. Megha was shocked after seeing my table of contents. It was just five lines containing five major chapters. She was shocked of my many naughty mistakes in the thesis. In the last week, I thought of putting all the sub-title in my table of contents. I was reminded of Nicholas who did the table of contents for my M.A. dissertation. We started at 8:00 PM. And we finished it at 3:30 AM. But the result is ‘table of contents: incomplete’! Hence, table of contents must be very short and simple I declared.   We planned to go for binding on Saturday. Megha and I went to Leo’s house. Again, we were having our final corrections. As I sent everything, I was roaming in the room. They were involving in editing and final proof reading. It took more than four hours. I wanted some changes in my thesis. They did with patience while doing for their thesis. Both of them didn’t eat in the morning and didn’t sleep for a week. Eventually, we finished and went for printing. Leo was carefully arranging mine. We finished printing and went to give for binding. Leo called and said, He got all the copies from the shop. The whole week was filled with tension. I know. I should have informed Shalini. I should have called her and told her my situation. But, I failed to do. She had asked some books related psychology. I was thinking of it today. She must have been angry with me for that. But, on the contrary, she is angry for not giving her chance to help me.

In the thesis, both Leo and Megha were thanking god in their acknowledgement page but I didn’t.
Antonysamy sir was guiding me throughout the thesis. Pearline Ma’am permitted me to get samples.  My friend Kishor was suggesting me activities. Vengetesh was giving me all the facilities. My samples were cooperating for my thesis. All of my M.Phil classmates were helping me. Neena akka was preparing the graph for me. Shalini was waiting since a week to help me. Megha was scolding me whenever I hesitated to seek help from her. Both Leo and Megha had been helping me till the very end of my thesis. Then why should I thank god? Even he knows the truth very well.
For me, these people are more important and superior to all the gods and goddesses.


  1. i agree 100% with your finishing lines vinoth!
    super ending.nice post.

    successfully u completed m.phil thesis!

  2. Nice way of acknowledgement Anna! Congratulations and all the very best for the Viva.


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