27 June 2015


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Nearly a week ago, I was chatting with Megha about likes and dislikes. She finished her part and asked me back. At that time, I couldn’t order those ten particular things which I am not interested in. I thought it would be better to post it in my Blog. She acquiesced. Here are those ten things I dislike.

Note: These qualities/habits/attitudes/characters/behaviours have nothing to do with other’s personal lives. Some of these following attitudes include me also. I write about things which affect me the most and certainly not of interfering in other’s freedom.

10. Ego
When my friend Jennet and I were lunching in the canteen, she said,
“When I like someone, I fight with that person; I will show my anger but will never show my ego.” I stopped eating for a second and forgetting that the food was in my hand. It wasn’t only the statement but her prone to follow. She used to follow what she said. Even I also failed to forgive people sometimes in my early days. Some people show their superiority and expect others to plea them to speak after the wrangle. Everyone commits mistake. In fact, we are born to commit mistake. Forgetting may be difficult for some people for the incidents belong to brain but forgiving isn’t.

9. Tyranny
Sometimes I am forced to believe that everyone is good till he/she becomes a leader. Often I heard people’s words with excessive pride from their lips about their newly gained post. They forget even their name is the worst thing to admit. When they forget their own names, how will they remember of others? They take revenge, they punish innocence, they target weak people and dominate, they rule, they interfere, they insist, they menace and they expect fear from others with respect.

8. Domination in relationships
I am unhappy with some people that they want to dominate other even in love (all kinds of love) they expect respect from others. I support mutual respect. But, respecting feelings is more important than respecting words. I don’t mean that they don’t dote on others rather they force others to do what they like. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes, what they say is right. It doesn’t mean that whatever they say should be right.

7. Anger and anger replacement
I don’t know why. I don’t like fighting for petty things. Likewise, I wonder sometimes, people feel happy by introducing themselves as short-tempered. Anger replacement and anger transformation is the silliest thing I feel. I accept that I also have done that before.  Skipping food is not at all a good choice for raging people. May god bless them. Anger is needed but not as an identity. I’ve come across some people in my life saying, “You don’t know about my anger, if I slap? If I hit? That’s all! End of him.” I have no comments on them. Slapping and hitting will result in pain. It is not necessary to be born as a human being to offer pain. Even mosquitoes and ants would do. In fact, I was short-tempered once. I woke up years ago.

6. Selfishness /egocentrism
Everyone is selfish in his and her own way. Everyone needs someone for something. But, I happened to come across some people being with others only for profit and nothing else. As I posted on my Facebook, love has become their life time business. I don’t dislike that habit rather the person completely. They can’t be trusted. I’d try to keep myself away from them. They’d be ingratitude, unsatisfied, greedy, jealousy, ambitious and dangerous.

5. Treachery
Now a days it has become common in human’s life. Everyone has his/her own reasons to justify their betrayals after betraying others. In fact, I am scared of this. Bosses betray their employees. Owners betray their workers. Girls betray their lovers. Husbands betray their wives. Siblings betray one another. Friends betray their friendship. Children betray their parents. Politicians betray their voters. Judges betray the belief of the country. It happens. It always happens. Every one of us is a Judas to our trusted Jesus. We keep promises not to fulfill but to betray. The pain of betrayal is worse than anything I feel.

4. Suspicions
It affects, it terribly affects the victim. I accept that we can’t believe everyone. Simultaneously, suspecting the innocent is atrocious. There are several ways to discover the truths. Sullying need not be an instant option in relationships and friendship I believe. At times, the world may have to digest the utterance of close friends “I trust you” which would be uttered with mind full of suspicions. Good friends clarify, and the rest suspect.

3. Discrimination
I’ve observed people discriminating others. Whatever may be the reason, they forget that each one is unique. “I am not superior to you, I am not inferior to you and I am not equal to you either. I have come to find myself and you have come to find yours.” (Osho). At times, it hurts when noticing discriminations. It includes sympathy also I feel. They discriminate others by showing sympathy. The personal experiences taught me that. People have boundaries. They don’t allow everyone to enter. Only human beings treat same species different. I had to prove myself that I was also a human to some people. Being their friend became my biggest achievement but I failed in that was the truth. Many people loved me with respect but not with rights and acceptance. Only few loved me with trust. I had to confront a different kind of discrimination. Whenever I did something they looked at me as a star and not as a friend. People who were jovial with others and not with me. My blindness blocked them I suppose. There are two kinds of people I notice. The first one considers me as a blind and the second one treats me as a friend. I understand. Whenever I meet somebody, they look at me as a blind-man I accept. But I was shocked when it continued for years.

2. Harsh and bad words
Some people know me that I hate speaking bad words at me but they deliberately uttered. I don’t know why. I may be wrong.  I don’t feel like going with the same mind to the person again after getting offended by bad words. Harsh words remain forever and that is why I most of the time try to be careful with my words. Harsh words are the sharpest weapon and no possibility of recovery after that. I feel so. I have a separate list about those words which affected me the most. It is not that the person who speaks filthy language is bad. I don’t take them serious for it may belong to their culture. I have been with them. They are kindhearted people. At the same time, I noticed some educated people scolded others for using abusive words, and they use when they need, with senseless justifications.

1. Drinking and smoking
I should not say like that I know. They say it is the way of enjoying life. Let them enjoy. But, I don’t like. I don’t like that fragrance, I don’t like the out-come, I don’t like to have that pleasure, I don’t like to be controlled, I don’t like to consciously lose my consciousness and I don’t like to commit that sin even in my miseries. Right from my childhood, the experience of wiping the innocents’ tears has taught me a lot and I learned the devilish nature of cigarettes and alcohol.


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