05 June 2015


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Mahesh is responsible for all the past happenings in this case. Nearly more than two years, my hesitation sustained. He was insisting me to have one and he was already having one. I didn’t show much interest in this matter. He had always been good at encouraging others in this regard.
It continued in my life also. I was totally vacuous about this procedure, but He is experienced and expert. Tomorrow the child is going to be one year old.

“Your Blog is like your child.” Mahesh said on that day. When I was writing poems and posting them on Facebook, he encouraged me to post them in the Blog. Writing poems was an accident in my life. Many times I told him that I was unfit to maintain my Blog after creating it. All of a sudden it happened.

Sixth June 2014 Friday. I thought of having a Blog. When we were chit-chatting on Skype, I unconsciously uttered a word “what if I have a Blog?” That’s all. He declared. I didn’t even acquiesce. He already started instructing how to create a Blog. I was reluctantly listening to him. Scarcely a new Blog was created. Two years of his insistence has got the result. He asked me the title. He asked the description. He asked labels. I had no idea about anything. On the same day, he introduced me some English Blogs. I visited singer Chinmayi’s Blog titled ‘WHAT TO NAME IT?’ I was impressed.
“Blog is your unique identity.” He said and gave my name as a temporary title. He was curious to teach me how to post in the Blog. Fortunately I already had a story with me. He was carefully teaching me with the greater deluge of patience. We were in the process of naming my Blog. Kishore also joined in the night. Each and every one of us worked on that. Nearly fifteen names have been suggested. We selected the best three and eventually ‘the voice of my heart’ was finalized. Mahesh asked me to write about my experience. Kishore suggested the description we accepted. As being a visually challenged like me, Mahesh couldn’t complete the settings. He didn’t give up. Sought one of the leading Bloggers to get the things done. The person designed it handed over the Blog to us. Both of us were functioning as administrators of ‘the voice of my heart.’
“I will leave your Blog when you learn everything and it will completely be yours.” Mahesh said.

This post is not to celebrate the anniversary of this Blog rather to extend my gratitude.
Each and every early morning he visited my Blog and expressed his glee whenever the post was read by others. He had been working to submit my Blog in some popular Websites. We approached some of the Blog directories like Indi blogger. We couldn’t get the expected response. But, he kept on encouraging me, asked me to write some stories in series I complied. He shared my post to his surroundings. Not only Mahesh, my other friend Saranya also spent her valuable time in sharing my posts with others which can’t be forgotten even in my dream.
Each and every count gave me some hope. If writing poems was an accident, writing stories was a recent accident.

I cannot say it is great achievement rather an average victory. This is my forty fifth posts. 365 days, 45 post, 5224 page views/hits, 14 followers, 65 comments cannot be considered as a great victory. But when I called him yesterday, he said it is more than good. He’s still asking me to write a novel after reading my previous story ‘Happy birthday Jesus.’

I also got some regular readers for this. Both, my M.A. and M.Phil friends are visiting it often and leaving their valuable comments. But, this is not permanent. Some new readers may come. Some present readers may quit. Anything may happen in the life of a Blogger.

My professor, Dr. K.S. Antony Sami subscribed into my Blog and read one of the poems. Next day, he went and told about it to our juniors. He came to our class and gave me a hug for that poem. I felt blessed. Day before yesterday, a girl from Serbia named Biljana sent me a message on Facebook and said she is reading my post regularly and waiting for the next.  I am not boasting myself just sharing my happiness with gratitude to them.

Beyond getting readers, I get the chance of introducing and thanking people through my Blog who help me. I feel happy whenever I write about them and their services. I know I am not qualified to write about them. But, when this Blog is well recognized, they will also be visible to this world.

Back to Tirupati Mahesh. Nearly six months ago, he went out of that administrator post. We have been friends since our childhood days. Nearly 19 years. He joined me in first standard with no knowledge about Tamil. Now, he is a Tamil Blogger. Our friendship grew stronger when we were in 11th standard. He created my mail id, suggested me which computer to buy, taught how to operate and format a system, explained methods of downloading, made me familiar with Skype and drop box, solved some of my major problems occurred in my system, guided me to some important Websites and Blogs, first one to advise me to write bank exams and so on.
One final sentence about him.
When he was running his Blog, he was noticed by one of the writers in Tamil Nadu Mr. VAA Manikandan who is the owner of Nisaptham Blog and Nisaptham trust.
He had called Mahesh and said he needs to write about him and his Blog.
Mahesh replied, “Sir, I don’t take writing as a serious process. If you don’t mind, instead of writing about my Blog kindly write about my friend Vinoth’s Blog and help him to be recognized.” How do you see this?
If anybody asks what was my achievement in my life. I would bravely say that I am fit for achieving nothing but managed to earn some great people as my friends.
Once Mahesh regretted by saying,
“Vinoth, it hurts sometime. People come to me when they need me, and get whatever they want, I happily help them, they remain till they get helps from me but, when things are done, and they treat me like a stranger.”

As he told me, I consider my Blog as a child, and tomorrow its birthday.
I am just bringing it up by inputting and sharing my thoughts and experiences as an author.
But, he’s the father of this Blog.


Note: respected readers please do forgive me for the title and the initial five lines which might have made you feel disgusting. I could have given some other title to celebrate my Blog anniversary. But, it is not a celebration in fact a true dedication. An ordinary title from an ordinary Blogger will not make any impact among the new comer and the new readers. As a Blogger, I have fathomed that what kind of a title would draw the attention of the reader and what would draw the most. It will give me an immense pleasure if minimum fifty people come to know about him. The real success of this Blog is not about knowing me but knowing him who has been behind me throughout this journey.
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  1. Happy birthday The Voice of My Heart! Success can not only measured by what you receive but also, how much you are satisfied with your performance. In that case, you have achieved what impact that you want to make in the hearts and minds of the readers through your ceaseless writings and posts in your blog. As a reader and a follower, I can feel that I learn or take something from each post that I read in your blog. When we chitchat during our walking in our college, I several times thought that many of what you were saying and the way of saying things should be heard by many people so that it can creat some impact in them. I see this blog as a medium of transferring what I call your philosophy to the world. So, kindly never consider what you have achieved so far is less. I also write this as a reader instead writing as a friend. Congratulations for the successful journey so far and all the best for the long and unending travel in your writing.

  2. Indeed it's laudable that you've pulled off a year successfully online. I've always enjoyed your writing and hope to do so more in coming days. I think a writer-reader can value a writer more than a mere reader. so I've always valued your writing and it goses before me as a model. Waiting to dip further into your sea of words.

  3. Thank you very much Krishna. Will write for sure.


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