21 July 2014


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Production: Wundarbar Films
Cast: Amala Paul, Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Saranya Ponvannan
Amitash, Hrishikesh, Vivek
Direction, Screenplay, Story, Cinematography, Dialogues: Velraj
Music and Background score: Anirudh
Editing: M.V.Rajesh Kumar
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Dhanush, S.Janaki
Lyrics: Dhanush
Distribution: Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Dhanush, (Raguvaran) a passed engineering student and waiting for an apt job based on his course. Too much of waiting makes his father (Samuthirakani) in to a continuous scolding meanwhile his mother (Saranya Ponvannan) offers him a moral and insufficient economical support. His younger brother's job adds the pressure on him. Simultaneously, the hero falls in love with heroine (Amala Paul) who is earning two lakhs per month. The whole first half inching towards nothing but only for commercial purpose. All of a sudden, hero’s mother dies and her organs are donated to a girl (Surabi) which makes the hero get a job through her father.

The story falls when our hero rises. In the second half, the hero is given a government project. The weakest Villain (Amitash) interferes and tries to destroy hero’s construction project. How our hero tackles them is the remaining story.

The story is based on the plight of engineering graduates but the directed has slipped to bring it into the screen in a proper way. Though the first half seems to be comical, the second half is completely illogical. To talk about the climax, the director has just tried to repeat the story by having a fight sequence. There is nothing good to watch except Dhanush’s comic dialogues and Saranya and Samuthirakani’s characteristic role.

As usual the hero (Dhanush) has given a good treat to his fans through his fine performance. He presents himself good in all areas. His one minute monologue (punch dialogue) should have been reduced little. Other than that, his dialogue deliveries, body language and expressions, are again showing that it is his 25th film in his career.

As usual, according to the unwritten law of Collywood industry, the heroine (Amala Paul) comes and goes in the movie.

There is no need to talk about Saranya who is always promoting herself as a wanted mother in Tamil cinema. Samuthirakani has done his best as a father. Vivek has tried his level best make his audience laugh but what to do?

Villains are not up to the mark.

To talk of music and background score,
Any mass hero like Dhanush can march in front of cameras when Anirudh roars behind the screen. Songs reasonably good and the background score also. However in some of the places the music has forgotten to support the movie firmly.

People talk: Good commercial movie, worth watchable for Dhanush and Anirudh.

Media talk: most of the media are giving from 2.75 to 3 and rating (okay.)

Theatre talk: expected for 50 days.

Producers fate: they can earn more than they invested since the hero is Dhanush.

Vinoth Subramanian comment: all can watch. The script is based on graduated engineers especially for constructional engineers. However, (VIP) the basement is strong but the building is weak.


  1. i can agree some points in your review but
    i like the movie very much.

  2. I can’t either agree or disagree with what you have witten Anna since I’ve watched the movie yet. But, to comment on your review, I think it is a nice attempt in trying out your hand in this genre. Of course I know that you are very good at writing reviews in Tamil at the same time, you have proved that you can do it in English and language doesn’t matter anymore.

  3. Good debut attempt Vinoth ji as a film critic. Hats off... Altogether, you are giving us (audience) a conclusion that VIP is not that Very Important picture to watch...

  4. What I gather from your review is that it's not worth watching in theater. so I'll go for laptop.


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