19 July 2014


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Dear readers, this is not a short story on the other hand, I have just penned down some of the funny incidents which took place in Tirupati where we went on thirteenth July 2014 and stayed there a day, eventually return on fourteenth July 2014.

Tirupati is known for 7 hills. Therefore 7 comic incidents!

Totally we were fifteen members proceeded to Tirupati in which, four of them are from my family, my parents, brother, and myself. Two of them from my uncle’s family; my uncle (Mama the all-time tour-organiser) Balakrishnan, his only wife my aunt (Mami) sathya. Another family contained four members father, mother, daughter priya (name changed) and son Arun. Mr. jayaram (well known family friend) and other four strangers who were familiar to my uncle.

1.       After reaching tirupati, we decided to go to Mangapuram. For that, my uncle arranged a bus. Don’t think too much, it was a government bus and my uncle just asked us to get inside. Arun’s father started eating in the bus since he didn’t eat in the morning. Mr. Jayaram uncle (funny person) said that he would fetch water. “We have sufficient water” said Arun’s father. Without noticing that, he got down from the bus and it started moving. Some of us asked the driver to stop the bus he did. My mom bayed my brother to get down and look for him while the bus was stopped. He got down. Immediately they took the bus and both of them missed it.


2.       After the visit, we moved to the top by climbing hill to have Darshan. The announcement came that the tickets are issued in the middle of the mountain and we could get the Darshan tickets only till 5:00 Pm. My father and I reached at 4:45 and got the tickets. We promptly informed my brother that the tickets are given at 1200th step and urged them to come fast. They said that they were at 900. At last, my brother and Arun came at 4:53 Pm and collected them. Within no delay, my aunt and Priya reached the venue. We thought only few of us can have Darshan today. My mother and Arun/Priya’s mother were very far from the venue. Surprisingly they too reached at 4:59 and got the tickets. While giving tickets they asked my mother, “Why were you running madam? Now it is extended till 6:00!” My mother, brother, uncle, aunt, Arun, priya and other asked me and my father in chorus, “Why did you make us running?”
We said, “we thought they will close the counter.”
One of them asked us, “How many steps are there to climb from now on?”
We replied “1250 only.”
Chorus “what!”


3.       After reaching to the top my brother found a bag which was missed by someone. We were waiting for sometime but no one came there to collect it. Therefore, my aunt asked him to open it. We saw pants and shirts inside. When we decided to give it to the police, my uncle yelled at us. You know what he said? “Put the bag there itself and don’t take any action further.” We replied, “What is wrong in giving it to a cop?” suddenly he became furious and said “don’t indulge in unnecessary problems we have come here to have Darshan and not for anything else.” He added further, “What would you do if somebody had kept bomb inside?” every one of us was completely aghast. I couldn’t control myself then. I came to a conclusion and told everyone, “He might have kept bomb somewhere else that is why he is talking like an experienced person.”
I asked him further, “uncle, what will you do if it blasts now?” he didn’t reply rather he started walking fast and disappeared soon.


4.       At night, my brother and I left everyone and went to look for room availability. Mean while, we slightly became hungry and got in to the familiar hotel. Whenever we go to Tirupati we used to dine there. At that time, the owner of the hotel didn’t see me but saw my brother while ordering. I was seated outside since the hotel was like that. Are you able to understand? It was a rich kai endhi bhavan. After finish eating, my brother went to pay but the owner declined to receive money. He came outside and said to me “he is not willing to get money Vinoth!” both of us washed our hands. He asked me “what to do?” I replied, “We will give him.” We went inside and offered him the money but he said, “no… no… keep it with you.” My brother asked him back “why are you not receiving money? We used to give whenever we come! What happened now? Please tell us the reason.” But he didn’t say any reason for that rather he kept on refusing money. At last we forced him and gave the money.
After coming out, my brother said, “Somebody was pointing his hands towards us and paying money. But I don’t know surely whether he pointed at us or not?” “Leave we paid for our food.” I said and then both of us joined others for the second round in another hotel.


5.       In the early morning may be at 3:00 we were standing in the queue for having Darshan. On the way, we were checked strictly by cops. It’s a procedure each and every one has to be thoroughly checked and then only allowed to march to the temple. They checked everyone and left except two. They are none other than Priya and my aunt. We were waiting for them for some time. Eventually they came after 25 minutes we enquired them about the happenings and came to know that they found a mobile in Priya’s hand bag. Since she was a young girl my aunt also stood with her.
“What happened?” we asked them.
“What a courageous girl she is!” my aunt replied frantically and continued, “She was arguing with policemen!”
“Why? Better you could have handed over the mobile no? Later we could have collected it.” we said,
“Listen to the whole story” my aunt said and proceeded further.
“Since men and women had a separate checking, you went earlier. But we had hand bags it took more time to complete the process. My hand bag was scanned and nothing was inside. When they checked hers they said that she brought mobile with her but she firmly refused. They continuously asked her to give the mobile but she didn’t panic and said ‘I didn’t bring any mobile even I also know the rules and regulations here don’t think that we are fool to bring it here.’ But one of the cops was laughing and other was perpetually asking her to hand over the mobile. He said, ‘give it to us or else go and keep it somewhere else then come join the line from the beginning.’ I was seriously scared but she stood like a rock and asked him to scan the bag again. They scanned it and show the mobile once again. Finally they asked her to open the bag. But she never hesitated to unlock the zip. After opening the bag, she took out a mango and said, ‘see sir this is mango, this is what I have with me now. Take and eat it if you want.’ The other man was still laughing. They asked her to take the wallet and open it. She was completely shocked because the mobile was inside.” “Then!” “Then what? We gave the mobile and collected the receipt. They ask us to show it and collect the mobile from the office.”
Priya said, “Seriously I didn’t know anything! This is my hand bag! I don’t know who put the mobile inside!” her father was with us he said, “It’s me Priya but forgot to tell you.”


6.       My friend Mahesh who resides in Tirupati had been inviting me to his house for the last 18 years. Though I had gone to Tirupati many times, I was unable to go to his house. But on that day I got an opportunity to go. Our train was at 5:50 Pm. But I went to his house only at 4:50 Pm. Even though I went I was unable to spend much time with him. We departed within half an hour and whisked to the railway station. But train was one hour late.


7.       We were standing on first platform. The announcement came that the train to Chennai will arrive on platform number 4. My uncle called everyone to follow him but Priya’s mother missed us. After reaching the platform, everyone started to quest for her. My uncle got tense; her husband became furious and started roaming around the railway station. But he failed to find her. My aunt decided to go for a search since she knew where she was. Fortunately, she joined us but my aunt was yet to come. Meanwhile the train arrived. I asked my uncle,
“Uncle, give aunt’s mobile number. I will inform her and ask to come.”
He paused for a while and said,
“I don’t remember her number!”
I became furious and replied,
“She is your wife!”
Then he tried recollecting her number and started saying I began dialing.
Somehow he managed to say some ten digit number and finished dialing. I put the phone at my ear and heard one female voice. She said,
“Please check the number you’ve dialed, the number you’ve dialed is incorrect.”



In the world, the word “Govinda” is used only as a symbol of negativity. Even I also used in this post. In fact I never uttered this word in the temple I don’t know why. But the actual truth is that it’s a powerful Mantra. If you visit Tirupati, you can see each and every pillar of the temple has been vibrated by this Mantra “Govinda.” Remember, this Lord Vengadesha's temple is the second richest temple in the world.
Does this word not stand for positivism?


  1. when i start to read your post
    my internet connection was disconnect!


  2. I got irritated while reading the forth one though it is not obvious that what was expected was happened.
    The fifth one made me laugh for long. Who knows, I may think of it and laugh for even longer in the future. Nice Anna!

    Kishor Ram

  3. at last, I'm able to comment now. Vinoth, it's a very good humorous article. in my rating, fifth stands the best, first second, and sixth third/.

  4. Thanks to Mahesh, Kishore and Krishna for your comments. Keep reading!


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