07 August 2014


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Thursday, August 07, 2014 Categories: , , ,

In my life, for the first time
In fact that was the very last time!
I had seen that wonder!
On a day of that hot winter

It did not sustain I am sure,
Neither for a day nor for an hour
Nor for minutes but for a second
Remained only for that second!

I still remember,
It was the month of November,
And the date was twenty seven
I even noted, it was sharply eleven

Eleven in the morning
When I was severely moaning
Moaning by the pain and its depth
There appeared the second of melancholy and mirth!

It presented me both
Both the heaven and the hell!
The hell was in heaven!
And the heaven was in hell!

Although it was the saddest moment,
It was the happiest moment of all
I was happily sad
And sadly happy!

When it was with me, it motivated me
“Your Life has Guarantee.”
Later that Mobile second explicated me
“That was your Last Gaze!”

That was the ultimate hope of my life
And my life’s ultimate real smile
That smile ended with the sigh
And that sigh had completed my second.

Not only a second, but also my god
Became a bridge between my beginning and the end
It was the end of my beginning
And beginning of my end

I am always wishing to forget it
Whenever, I feel to remember it.
Whenever, I feel to forget it,
I am obviously craving to remember it.

Do you know my friends?
My freedom is lost
Can you believe my friends?
My courage is lost
Above all the world,
My confidence is lost
Everything is lost,
Since that second is lost.

This earth should have stopped
And stopped with that second
That second should have remained
Then my conundrums would have been solved.

Catch hold of it my friends,
If you detect my second!
I have to give the letter
To my lost second

End of the poem.


  1. painful. it'll be more painful if I can comprehend the whole meaning.

  2. Sorry for the late reply Krishna. I'll tell you why. You know what happened to me. After having the heavy pain in my eye, i tried to open it with the help of my hands. everything was fading and i was shocked! i closed and opened it again on the next day that is 27th November 2012 for i had to see my Mobile. it was same as previous day. i looked at my mobile it was dim. But couldn't continue for more than a second due to the heavy pain. i was sad because i lost my sight to some extent. simultaneously, i was happy because i felt i have something to survive. after three days, the pain got reduced, i opened my eye but everything went dark! So my mobile was the last object which i've gazed in the world. Understood at least something?


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