15 February 2017


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One of the best and significant historical verdicts has been proposed yesterday. The trial, which has been dominating the whole state nearly 21 years, has come to an end. At times, you can buy judges but not the justice. Justice Cunha would have been the happiest man in the world yesterday.

Almost whole state had become emotional when Ms Jayalalitha died. In our state, majority of our people are emotional and very few would approach things with logics. I don’t think I had posted any condolences for her death. It is necessary to feel pity for her death. There is no doubt about it. But, at the same time, feeling pity for this people, especially on ADMK cadres is more important. Everybody portrayed her as a saint within a day. This post has a purpose behind. Yesterday’s verdict proved their crimes and identified the real Jayalalitha. Today, some of them argue that it is Sasikala who spoiled the good will of Jayalalitha. Those who wanted Jayalalitha to be acquitted in this disproportionate assets case, wanted Sasikala to be imprisoned is the irony. Yesterday, the apex court had clearly stated that Jayalalitha was A1 in this crime. Jayalalitha used Sasikala to protect herself from legal threats said the apex court. At the same time, Sasikala used Jayalalitha for her off-screen political growth is unavoidable truth. No transaction can take place without the consent of Jayalalitha, concluded the apex court. Now, it has no logic in praising Jayalalitha for her brave personality. The logic is very simple here. Jayalalitha utilized the innocence of people and, Sasikala and her family utilized the ignorance of Jayalalitha. When we come across some arguments relating to their gender, it is necessary to defend that, “a man can’t support Hitler as he’s born male.” It is applicable to all gender which we should accept. It is necessary for all the common man to understand that gender has nothing to do with crimes. Both Jaya and Sasikala utilized each other for their individual profits. We don’t observe any difference from this duo. Jayalalitha wanted everybody to be her slave, and Sasikala applied the same formula to Jayalalitha in a polished way. May be, Jayalalitha would not have noticed the treachery which depicts her ignorance and nothing else. However, the truth can’t be concealed that Jayalalitha was one who made use of Sasikala for all sorts of violence in her reign. If we observe carefully, it is understood that Jayalalitha had never given importance to human life. Nobody can forget the incident of acid thrown on lady IAS officer by this duo. She had never heeded the death of poor people during her air conditional campaign. She had never allowed media to meet her. Vice versa, that is what happened in Apollo hospital. Who knows? Jayalalitha might have wanted to meet media. Jayalalitha might have wanted to meet people. But, everything was denied to her. The dictator was punished in her same way.

Today, Tamilnadu has risen against Sasikala and family.  The careful observance would assure that Jayalalitha is the reason for everything. Even now, there is no point in getting angry on Sasikala. She wanted to utilize the chance which was given to her or taken by her. Who has given the priority is the question here. The growth of Sasikala is designed by Jayalalitha. Therefore, not only in this disproportionate assets case, she is the criminal for this temporary plight of Tamilnadu also. The quality of a good leader is to create another good leader after his/her departure. Only tyrants would not let anybody enter in their tent. Now this state realizes that Ms Jayalalitha had failed to pose a leader but succeeded in introducing a group of gangsters after her demise. Mayhap, she has chosen Mr. OPS as chief minister in her absence. But, there was no permission granted for him to act on his own. On the other hand, she has raised Sasikala, which destroyed the serenity of Tamilnadu now. Likewise, some of the arguments we could observe that Jayalalitha had expelled Sasikala’s family twice from Poes garden. But, what is the need for changing the mind? She might have several reasons to defend but, nothing helped Tamilnadu is the truth. The decision has not helped her either. When Sasikala and her family were able to keep more than 100 MLAs under her luxurious custody, what would have been the position of Ms Jayalalitha in the hospital? As a common man, it is necessary to contemplate the happenings of this poor people and this state if verdict had come in favour of these criminals. The answer is very simple. Sasikala and her family would have dictated this state and, everybody would have become Jayalalitha.

Jayalalitha wanted to live her personal life as a public servant and Sasikala decided to live a political life as being a personal servant to Jayalalitha. There can be many Sasikalas emerged out of situations and choices. But, there should be no Jayalalitha out of people’s ignorance in the future. After a very long period, Tamilnadu is refreshed. The leaders of both parties have expired. It’s time to form a new government. There is a possibility of election soon. It is necessary to be careful as voting citizens of Tamilnadu. Who knows? Sasikala may become a chief minister after ten years. She has the life to change her fate. But, this so called iron lady is neither convicted nor released. In the book of justice, she will peacefully sleep as criminal in her memorial. Unfortunately, it is written that this is how her chapter has to end.

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  1. hi friend pleasure to see your precious post again!
    such a honest article with apt title.
    it dealt the current situation liberally meanwhile properly. "Jayalalitha utilized the innocence of people and, Sasikala and her family utilized the ignorance of Jayalalitha".
    what a most beautiful and undeniable and factual lines they are!
    the shameless persons those who try to make that Iron has st, they should read this post it may awareness / lesson for them.
    Surely will need a good leader for our great Tamilnadu.
    Thank you.


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