14 January 2016


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“Who are you sir?” Partha Saradhi sir looked at Mr. Kannan and enquired.
“I am Kannan, service engineer, working in general administrative department. I just came to drop him.”
“You may go sir. We’ll take care of him.”
He left.
“So, you’re Vinoth. Am I Right?”
“Yes sir.”
“We’ve got a complaint from general administrative department that you can’t work without system. So, we transfer you.” He casually said.

When Mr. Kannan had a breathing problem, he clutched my fingers to get relieved. But, I had none to hold. Somewhere something had gone wrong I could understand. But, reacting at him was far from easiness at that time. I controlled my breath, reduced my tone and asked.
“Sir! I—I—“couldn’t speak anything; kept quiet for his next word.
“Where are you coming from?”
“Veppambattu sir.”
“There is a branch in Veppambattu. Right?”
“Yes sir. But—but—I can work here. I am ready for any sort of work sir.”
“It’s okay. But you have to come far. So, we transfer you. Is there branch near to your surrounding?”
I never wanted to show my interest towards my hometown branch as I sincerely hated to go there.
“Thiruninraore, Avadi, Thiruvallur and…” I said and stopped in the middle.
“Sir? Fourteen is the last date for everything.” I softened my tone and requested him.
“So what? You’ve already joined here!”
I understood what he said.
“I am not joining but, getting transfer from here to there. But, where?” I said and asked myself.
“Okay. Do you have passport size photos? We need two.” He said and brought me back to my conscience.
“Yes sir. I have. But, it’s there in GAD. I will bring it.”
“Okay. Now you sit here and bring them when you go for lunch.” He said.
I hesitated to move.
“Didn’t you bring your stick?”
“No sir. Since I came with him, I didn’t.” I replied.
“Okay.” He said and took me to the sofa where I was sitting from the very beginning.

Too many thoughts, too many questions, too many riddles, too many confusions, too many emotions, too many clarifications were ruffling my mind. I was left aloof in the crowd. Somebody had dialed to the personal administrative department.
“Yeah. Vinoth is here I think.” A lady told over the phone and came near to me.
“Are you Vinoth?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“You’ve got a call from general administrative department. Mrs. Chandra is calling.”
“I will call her ma’am. Ask her to disconnect.” I said and dialed her number which I saved on the previous day.
“Vinoth? Is this your number? I will call you through land line. You hang up.” She said, I hung up and she came over the phone.
“Hello ma’am?”
“What happened? Are you still there? Aren’t you coming for lunch? You’re bag is here.”
 “No need ma’am. You finish your lunch. I will come when they ask me to leave.”
“How will you come? Shall I come there to take you?”
“No problem ma’am. I will take care of this. I will try to get someone if possible.”
“Don’t trouble yourself. I will come. Let me know when the work is done.”
“No problem ma’am. You carry on. They gave me transfer. Hence, they asked me to wait.”
“Okay Vinoth. If you don’t get anyone… what! Transfer! Why! For you?”
“Yes ma’am. I have no idea about the place. They said they will let me know. I will come for lunch. Sure.” I said. We hung up.
“Why did they do this to me? What did I do? Did I behave improper? Did I commit any mistake? Did I speak ill of anyone? What did I ask? Did I trouble anyone? I said I can work through computer if I get. Was there any mistake in my statement? Was I disrespectful towards anyone? Did I show my insolence towards anyone? What did they tell about me here? Who is the reason for this? What is the reason for this? What will they do to me? Will they transfer me? Where will they transfer me? Oh my god! Will they terminate me? Why do I think like this? I have to inform my father. What will he say if I inform about my transfer? How can I inform now?” I was tired of too many questions. Last day, my father said he took the file from the bag since everything was over.
“Oh my god! If my father had taken the file out of my bag… My passport size photos are also there! I’ve told them that it was there in my bag. What will they do if I say it’s there with my father? Will they consider it as a biggest prevarication? Will they consider me as a prevaricator? Let me call my father first.”

“Hello daddy? I am here in the personal administrative department. They ask me two photos. Are they in the bag?”
“No. I took everything. They said everything got over yesterday! What starts again?”
“Everything starts again.”
“Why? You request them to wait till this evening. I will bring it in the evening.”
“They may not give me much time in this place I think.”
“What happened?”
“Even I don’t know what happened. But, they said they give me transfer.”
“I don’t know.”
“Okay. Is there anybody with you?”
“I will come. But, it will take time. It’s 12:30 now. I can reach only after 2:30.”
“Okay daddy.”
Staffs started moving for their lunch. I was sitting with no one, not even with my cane and belongings.
“Vinoth?” Mr. Partha Saradhi called me after fifteen minutes.
“Yes sir?”
“You go for lunch and come back soon. You’re order copy is getting typed here. Better you bring the bag here.”
“Okay sir.” I rose from my place.
“Wait. I will ask someone to take you to the general administrative office.” He said and called someone to help me. The person came and took me to the next building. I said it’s in the 5th floor leaving me near the lift is enough. We found the elevator.

A girl, in her twenties, suddenly interfered in the conversation.
“Where does he want to go?”
“Fifth floor.” The man said.
“I am going to the sixth floor. I will drop him and go.” She said and closed the door.
“Go with her sir. She will surely drop you.” He said and disappeared when the door got fastened.
Standing alone in the lift with a young girl is a beautiful experience. I forgot everything at that moment, and felt strangely relieved and happy.
“Where do you want to go?”
“Fifth floor.”
“Okay. You wait. I will let you know when it comes.” She said and continued.
“I will drop you, and then I will go to my floor.”
Fifth floor.
The door parted them for us to join at that time, which I was never aware of till that moment.
“It came. Come.” She called. I hesitated, stepped myself back and, unusually, stretched my hand to the front. She held my hand. I said I can manage. She slowly dragged me from the lift. I said her to go and said I can manage. Holding my hand, she preventing the unification of the door. I said I can manage. She slowly and gently pushed me to the front. I said I can manage. She walked with me by holding my hand. I still said I can manage. She took me near the door and pushed it inside for me. I said I can manage. But, she walked with me inside the hall, letting the door closed.
“Where are you supposed to go here?” She asked me still holding my hand. A staff came towards us and received me from her. I thanked her. She left my hand, turned back, walked towards the door and disappeared behind the door. Forgetting that I was a visually challenged, I felt like turning my visage back to see her and, I made an attempt in the direction in which she went. Even the gigantic door failed to fulfill my eyes.

“What happened?” The union leader stopped me on the way and asked.
“Are they transferring you to some other place?” He asked after listening to my story.
“Yes sir. But,” I hesitated and continued. “What happened actually?”
“You haven’t done telephone operating. Right? Whenever they get visually challenged staffs, they send them to the telephone exchange. Considering that they would know only telephone operating and, you’re over qualified. This is not the work which is prescribed for you. You’ve learned computer. Hence, they must give you the work related to computer.” He said. I understood the reason behind everything. He was the one who filed a complaint.

Chandra ma’am was waiting for me inside. After listening to everything, she said.
“I never expected this Vinoth. I don’t know why. I feel sad. If you’ve gone on the very same day when you came here, it would not have affected me this much. Any ways, everything happens for a reason. Where will they post you? Did they say anything?”
“For me, I am unable to believe anything. I don’t know ma’am. They will let me know after the lunch. After learning every place here, they chase me now. My last lunch!”
“I feel sad Vinoth.” Chandra ma’am said again.
“I also.” The other one joined.
I didn’t want to reply for she was the reason for everything. Obviously, she was the reason for everything but, she didn’t want to do anything against me. What she did was good to me.
“I thought they would post you somewhere inside the central office. But, I never expected this.” She said.
“I will give you my number. You can call me if you want anything.” She said and gave her number. My father called me when I was about to save her number. I made a second attempt. This time, my brother called me and stopped the process. I made a third attempt. Somebody gave me a missed call. Finally, I saved it in the fourth attempt.
“Okay ma’am. I will leave. I won’t come here after.” I smiled with a little pain and said.
“I don’t know what to say. It hurts me now.” She said.
“Vinoth?” Chandra ma’am called me.
“Tell me ma’am.”
“Do you have the habit of…?” She paused and asked, “Do you have the habit of reading bible?”
“Why do you ask me like that? I will happily take whatever you give. Moreover, bible is not a new thing to receive. Last week, when we finished our M.Phil, my friend, named Christalin also gave a bible to keep. Give me ma’am. I will keep it as my life time memory.”
“Jesus will always be with you. May god bless you invariably.” She said and stuffed the bible inside my bag.
I received and left the place with the other staff. Chandra ma’am followed me till I reached the lift.

I was waiting for my father in PAD, and told Mr. Partha Saradhi about my photos. It was around 3:15. My father appeared with my photos. Both of us were waiting for the order copy. Meanwhile, Subramani Sir called.
“Vinoth? Where are you? We’re waiting here.”
“Sir. I am in PAD. Actually…”
“Transfer! Why? You can deny if you don’t like.”
“No sir. Let me keep quiet for everything. Moreover, it may benefit my parents. It will be easy for my father to drop me. I don’t want to protest sir. Let it happen whatever happens.” I said. They other visually challenged staff called and talked to me.
“Vinoth? I am Mani, assistant manager. Subramani told me that you had joined. But, now hearing that you’ve got transfer. If you don’t want, if you are compelled, please let us know. We will come and talk to them. Are you happy with the happenings?” He asked. I was getting people when I was leaving.
“I don’t know sir. But, it happens for a good reason I believe. None is compelling. It happened. Cause it had to happen.”
Subramani Sir Again called and told me to let him know after getting the order copy.

Since it was Friday, they had Pooja in the department. I got my order copy at 5:00 sharp.
“God. I should not be posted in Veppambattu (my hometown).” I prayed.
Mr. Partha Saradhi came and gave me the order copy and said.
“You’re posted in Veppambattu (your hometown.) We gave you the role number also.”
I already told my father not to ask anything regarding this as I had known everything. But, he didn’t.
“Sir?” He asked Mr. Partha Saradhi.
“What happened suddenly?”
“Here he can’t be utilized. We don’t have system based works here for him. He can’t work here. So, let him go to the branch and do some works such as guiding customers, passbook entry, like that.”
“Is there any other reason for this?” My father asked. I got angry.
“Nothing like that sir. He’s wrongly chosen here. Here we have only telephone operating. And, he’s over qualified.”
“Sir? Should I submit any certificate to them? I gave my original community certificate and physical fitness here.”
“So what? You have submitted everything here and joined. You just go and give your transfer copy, which is enough.”
My father asked me to offer my hand to shake with him, I did it happily. Both my father and I liked Mr. Partha Saradhi right from the beginning. And, that’s why he bravely asked him about my transfer.
We decided to leave. Suddenly, he came with  the other cover.
“This copy is for the branch. You submit them when you join.” He said and gave the copy to my father. Actually, it has to be sent via post. But, they gave us and asked us to submit on our own. We were surprised by his trust in us.
I informed Chandra ma’am over the phone about my transfer and left the building with my father.

Though my father was confused and worried in the beginning, he felt very happy after sometime. The entire family of mine felt very happy about my transfer. But, I wasn’t.
Chandra ma’am called once again when I reached home. I couldn’t attend and called her back.
“Vinoth? Sorry for picking the call late. I was in prayer. I prayed for you. I cried for you. I thought of keeping you in morning. But…” She stopped. I understood why she stopped at that time. I knew that she had wanted me to be there. We talked for half an hour and hung up.
I called my sister in the evening and gave a blow-by-blow about everything.
“Everything goes well. Why are you not happy with that?”
“You don’t know akka. I don’t like to go to this Veppambattu branch.”
“It’s in your place. Right? Then why don’t you want?”
“What to say? I had a fight with the cashier when I went as a customer.”
“What? Interesting!”
“We went to pay NET (National eligibility test) fee to Veppambattu IOB. But, the cashier decried to receive the money from us. She said I put thumb impression in the form so she can’t receive the money. My brother was explaining about my educational qualification and the nature of the exam, but, she was not in a mood to listen to him. She considered me as a blind man and not as a graduate. She asked us to meet the manager. We showed the form to the manager. Without any word, she gave her consent to deposit the money. Finally, she received it. I still remember, ‘how can he study’ she asked.”
“Good! You were insulted when you went as a customer. Now, you’re going as clerk to the same branch.” She said.

I called some of the visually challenged staffs, who were working in IOB, to get some opinions about branches and the nature of the job to visually challenged staffs.
“Visually challenged will not be respected in branches.” “Most of us choose regional and central office because, nobody will care us.” “You may not have much work in branches.” “There is no hope for visually challenged staffs in branches.” “You should always maintain your patience.” “You may lose your dignity there.” “Visually challenged will be noticed but, ignored.”
I was terribly scared after hearing their opinions.

September 12 2015.

My father went for ultra scanning and returned with the report. As we suspected, he had calculus in his kidney.
On the same day, I called Mr. Karthik (my computer instructor) who was working in IOB but, in a branch.
“Branches will be good and funny. You will enjoy a lot. Moreover, you can learn only through branches. You will be directly confronting customer. It will be good. You should feel happy for getting in to the branch instead office. Prove yourself and get the system and single user menu.”
“Sir? But, people say different?”
“Oh. Actually, since you are new to the bank, I didn’t want you to get scared and in the beginning. Whatever they said was cent percent true. Sometimes, you would feel like you are completely separated from the branch. You will be left alone. The first six months I was having tough time in the branch.”

September 13 2015.

As I promised Lincy, I decided to go and give money to her sister on that Sunday. I felt like going to my college to meet my juniors. Hence, I decided to go for two reasons. Lincy told me that she would ask her sister to come to Mambalam railway station. I didn’t want to keep the order copies at home. I didn’t know why. Children were coming and going to my home. To avoid unnecessary misfortune, I took those copies and went with my brother. My father had already given me some money and gone for some official work. He called me while I was in train.
“Who has the order copies?”
“I have daddy.”
“Why didn’t you keep them at home?”
“You are not at home. I am also going out. If anything goes wrong. I wanted to keep them with me in my bag. First, I thought of taking out from my bag and keeping them somewhere. But, it will keep on making me thinking of it. So, I keep them with me.”
“Will you keep them safe. Keep them with you if you can. Else, give me. I finished my work and going home now. You may take things from your bag. So, Get down in Vilivakkam railway station and give them to me.”
I hesitated a little and agreed with him. He came and received the order copies and went.

Loyola hostel received me with joy. I had a great time with them and sharing my experience. All of a sudden my father called and said that he landed in Korattur to attend kavanagar meeting.
“Didn’t you go home?”
“No. I came back after receiving the message.”
“Are the copies with you?”
“It’s with me.”
I was little tensed. I thought he would go home with the copies. He made me sad by attending his seminar.
“He should not miss it.” I said to myself. Not that I didn’t trust him but, I had an inexplicable fear which he had on me before.
I called Lincy in the afternoon to know the condition of her sister. She told me that her sister was at her aunt’s house and would come 4:30 p.m. She called me at 4:30 and said.
“Vinoth, she hasn’t departed yet. You better go home. She says she slept. What to do? Even if you wait, she will definitely delay up to 7:00 p.m.”
Having no other option, I left my friends and departed from my college.

I called my father while traveling. He said he would come and join me but made me wait for an hour in Villivakkam railway station. I lost my patience and called again. He said the program will take one more hour to get over.
“Do you have the copy?” I asked him again.
“Yes it’s with me.” he replied casually. I called my brother and got the news that he had already gone home. I got severely angry. I waited for my father for I had no one to pick me in our Veppambattu railway station. Else, I would have reached home. My brother would have received me there.
I caught the train after leaving four consecutive trains. I was scared and praying for the next day.
My brother received me. My father came after two hours. I expressed my anger at him.
“There is a doctor, eye specialist, came there. He was supposed to come earlier but delayed. I met him and came. I explained him your problem. He gave his number and asked me to bring you.” I didn’t speak anything after that. My father does everything for me. I checked the order copies and slept.

September 14 2015.

After going and coming back from the temple, I directly went to the Veppambattu IOB branch with fear and excitement. Last time, when I came as a customer, I remember, I left my foot fare out. But, this time, my father alone removed it there but, I walked in with that. There was a staff, our messenger stopped us.
“What sir? Why are you waiting?” He asked my father.
“We are asked to meet the manager.”
“What is the reason?”
“New appointment.”
“He. I am his father.”
The manager, Mrs. Thenmozhi, called us inside. I had known her name through Mr. Mani the assistant manager in regional office.
We walked in. My father gave her the order copy.
“Please take your seat.” She told. Both of us sat before her. I removed my glass.
“Who appointed you here?”
“I was posted in Erode, asked and joined in central office and got transfer to this branch from there.”
“But, for him, what kind of work can we give?” She asked my father.
“I’ve learned computer ma’am. I can work here. And, I can also attend calls and respond to customers.”
“Why are you telling about attending calls vinoth? Is this central office?” I asked myself and corrected.
“But, for him, what kind of work can be given. Moreover, it’s a women branch. We have only one male staff here who is a messenger. I don’t know why they posted you here.”
“Actually,” My father began.
“We reside in Veppambattu. They considered everything and sent us here. They said that they have informed Vellur regional office.”
She dialed some numbers and started talking.
“Hello, Thenmozhi from Veppambattu branch. Here, a person has come; sent by central office for clerical post. He’s a visually impaired. This is a women branch. So… How to…” She said. We didn’t know what the reply from other end was. She hung the phone and said.
“Okay. You can join.” She gave her consent. I came out  with my father from the room. The messenger opened my cabin. A lady came and wished me.
“Good morning. New appointment? I am Suja, Housekeeping.”
I clasped my hand and wished her back. Then, she took us to the next staff. I wished. Then, I was taken to the most unforgettable person. The cashier.
“Good morning ma’am.” My father wished.
“New appointment ma’am.” Suja ma’am said to her.
“Oh. Here? How?”
“He has cleared the exam and come here. He has finished his M.Phil in English.” My father said with pride.
“Good morning ma’am.” I wished her for the first time. She might have wished me back but, I didn’t hear anything.

My father made me sit in my cabin. There was a system before me. Beside monitor, there was printer on the left. I felt the machine but didn’t know that was the printer. I had seen printers in other shapes.
“Finally! They’ve given you the system! Okay I will leave and come again to take you to the lunch. Let me know if you want anything.” He said and left.
Within five minutes, people started targeting me with their questions and clarifications.
“Sir. I need to check my balance.” A customer asked.
“I am new to the bank, go to the next cabin.”
“I need to deposit check.”
“I am new to the bank, go near.”
“Sir. My ATM is not…”
“I am new to the bank.”
“Excuse me sir.” This time it was a girl.
“I am new to the bank.”
Lunch time came. I went home, had my lunch and came back to my cabin.
“Sir. My account is blocked.” New customer.
“He doesn’t know anything. He’s new to the bank.” The other customer defended me.
“Finally! One has come to rescue me. Let him say it till this evening.” I said to myself.
“Don’t feel shy. You can walk, roam inside the branch. Nobody will question you. Be free. Ask whatever you want. And then, don’t go for lunch to your home. Better bring it here.” Suja ma’am was saying to me. I said okay. My father came in the evening to pick me. We informed the manager and departed. It was not even three minutes by bike to my home.

Once again, as usual, I clambered to the terrace in the night. I was completely surprised of my life and its twists. I wanted to talk to my sister so I came down.
“How was the day Vinoth?” My sister called and asked.
“Saranya akka? It was different.” I said and told the whole.
“Every fourteenth of every month, I notice, something happens in my life.”
“Is it? What’s that?”
The secret sharing continued for five minutes on Whats App.
" Finally you came back to your place." She said after a minute.
 “Yes akka. I departed from my place to come to my place. These fourteen days are the most unforgettable days in my life.”
“You began on first of this month. Right?”
“Yes. As it was written in my initial appointment order, today is the last day for all the recruited clerks to join. And, today was my actual joining I think.”
She smiled. We said good night to each other.
Every journey begins to halt somewhere. And, every halt sets up a new journey. I had a journey and halted to begin again. Finally, the father of a blind child became the father of a banker on that day. I went and slept beside my brother and took my mobile to check the time. It had crossed 12 midnight.
I could realize that, those fourteen days had come to an end.


  1. Standing alone in the lift with a young girl is a beautiful experience.////


    any how i took more than halfen hour complete this part.
    i really enjoy while reading your post.
    selection of words, narration is simply and super!!!

  2. Thank you Mahesh! For reading commenting.

  3. Dear vinoth, The hidden reasons move us to some existence. You are lucky because it happens with some romance. Again Chandra???? You can manage. When others wish to accompany you give them opportunity which can be given only by you. Lovely happenings enjoy what ever happens. Avoid the unwanted stress. Love you style of writin.. I want more emotion. Love you dear.

  4. Dear vinoth, The hidden reasons move us to some existence. You are lucky because it happens with some romance. Again Chandra???? You can manage. When others wish to accompany you give them opportunity which can be given only by you. Lovely happenings enjoy what ever happens. Avoid the unwanted stress. Love you style of writin.. I want more emotion. Love you dear.

  5. hi vinoth verry verry lovely and awesome posts today I first time read your blog and its postings. amazing. all the best for everything.


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