10 May 2015


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 Hi my dear lost peace
How are you after leaving me?
Here I am not fine in your absentia!
Hope you are also doing the same.

The time is exactly 10 PM.
I’ve sworn to quest you in the darkness
You left me with no concern
Do you know what is happing now?

It is not me inside me!
I’ve begun losing my own identity!
Million stars travel in the sky have no crash
Minimum memories in my mind but why clash?

Perambulating alone on the isolated terrace
The wind is still and chilling the night
My nostril alone is inhaling the blaze!
It gets inside and burns my heart

The oxygen turns into a perilous blaze and burns
The flare catch holds of my liver
Whisks to the heart and sworn to leave no part
It limps to pump since the blood turns into fire as well

Here is the strange Tsunami in the brain now!
In the form of tireless fire!
Waving from the left hemisphere to the right!
The brain, which consists of 80 percent of water, evaporating now!

My blood is flooding outside the nerves
But strangely festinating inside the skin!
My bones are sensing the symptom of seism
Shaking with fear for finding no leechdom

It all happens due to your departure
None could detect this invisible flame
No smoke, no light but horrible the torture
Missing you is my mistake, I take the blame

This world is converting words in to pains
Sent, sent and slain my senses 
I am now converting my pains into words
Where to send, know none except you my friend

I know they were all painful moments
But assumed that you could bear those pains
And failed to notice you dying inside
Was it that much painful to go out of me?

The clock strikes 11:00 I guess
I can’t leave without getting you back
I thought of others and not of you
But never expected the punishment of losing you

I know what had made you leave me
For I am also the reason forgot to protect you from injuries
Failed to launch the missile and let it burst here
Without heeding that you were inside me

The time is 11:30 now
My mom would be seeking me inside the hall
I pray she should not come, and should leave me free
For I am waiting for you to respond my call

I wanted none to lose and all to win
But defeating me was the aim I found there
Getting defeated is not a problem
But defeating me will never offer victory

The time is sharply 12 midnight
Each and every new day begins with nights!
My brother might have gone to the bed
Hoping that I will join him soon

But that depends on your arrival
Each and every sense of mine is dying
Appear and assure their revival
Do come my peace, even my shadow is crying

Losing my puissance completely now
It’s already 1:09 somehow
This world will be curious and not concern
To know our secret issue but I’ll never unveil

I realize now, I should not have joined
And I should not have gone also
Due to these blunders you went out of me
Here after it won’t happen so do come

Mind without peace is a senseless mind
And that is why it blabbers till 2:16
But blabbering the truth my dear peace!
I will take care of you like a child please?

I promise, for us, no one is needed
Here after, no one will be heeded
My mobile says its 3:33
I will be for you and you will be for me

I feel staggeringly thirsty now
The fire had burnt everything and dried my tongue
No idea of going down and taking water
I can survive with the hope of your arrival.

Feel like crying now but
My eyes have no tears to trickle
Feel like calling your name but,
My tongue fails to function

Oh my god! The time is 4 now!
My father would have been astir by this time
And surely will come to the terrace
I must pretend as if I’m sleeping

I’m running short of time my peace
Read this letter before someone notices
Come in before the sun comes out
And come in before my soul goes out

Something is pressing me down
I am observing a strange fatigue and closing my eyes
Falling like snows and falling here now
Falling… falling… and falling to reach you my peace.

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  1. Anna, I feel the intolerable pain on reading this poem.


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