25 April 2015


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I still remember our very first meeting
It took place in our hostel dining hall
You came, sat before us and joined for lunching
Rice, buttermilk, Chappathi and daal

You happily ate what we ate
Then talked and walked out with us
I don’t remember what you said and what I replied
But you shook my hand and took me from then on

I never thought and not even imagined
That this Maharashtra will come to light Tamilnadu
You generously donated us a building
To study, to sleep and to survive

When we were about to complete our twelfth,
Our retiring class teacher Mr. Heart told us
“I’ll ask him to help you for your degrees.”
“It is my final desire,” said while leaving us.

He started when he finished
And brought you as a light for our lives
We were the first batch under your reign of service
You guaranteed food and shelter for our studies.

Our growth had been your only aim
Our happiness was your only target
Our education was your only destiny
Then started helping our following batches and became the only hope.

My parents would have had sleepless nights
You made them in to peaceful ones
It was three years for my classmates
But half a decade for me!

You made me as an undergraduate,
Shaped as a first postgraduate,
Introduced me to the world as a poet
And now motivating me to do something great!

My mother cried in glee
When I was receiving my degree
It’s all because of you, It’s all for you
I dedicate my degree and her tears to you.

You became the cause of all our parents’ joy
You surfaced as a new dawn for existing darkness
You came as a light of my life and journey
 And light of my friends’ lives and all the visually challenged.

This letter is valuable for its written to you
The word “THANK YOU” is meaningful for it is admitted to you
My life has some sense because it’s designed by you
I don’t know, how to show my gratitude to you

I promise here, I will surely follow your path
While reading this letter in 3015, the readers may wonder
“What is his name? For whom this letter was written?”
He is the founder of “Help the blind foundation”
And his name is Mr. D.K. PATEL…


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