06 May 2017


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I received a message in the month of August 2016 regarding JAIIB exam. As per the first notification, the first exam was on November 6 2016, second was on November 13 and the third was on 20th of the same month. When I entered into the official website, I noticed that fee was valid for two attempts and it was my second attempt. As usual, I started looking for scribe. I approached one of my juniors whose sister was a scribe for my first attempt.

I could have approached her directly but it was not the right manner to do I convinced myself. But, his response with hesitation didn’t allow me to ask further. I told him not to share anything with his sister and diverted myself to another direction.

We had our Pooja holidays. I sent a text to my friend Janet and asked her to let me know her availability. My plan was to go to her house and arrange scribes for all the three exams. But, the plan got collapsed. I also informed my friend Suganya about the same. She made a promise to arrange. Here starts the chaos. She passed the message to her friend Sharadha and that has gone to another one named Srilakshmi. Ms. Srilakshmi resides in Bangalore. My mobile number was forwarded to Sharadha by my friend Suganya. Then, it was forwarded to Srilakshmi by Ms. Sharadha. Simultaneously, Ms. Srilakshmi’s number was sent to me through my friend Suganya. Suganya told me that Ms. Srilakshmi would call me. I didn’t receive any call as of then hence I decided to call Ms. Srilakshmi with Suganya’s consent. Actually shilakshmi was not going to scribe me rather; she was the one who was doing the arrangements. I called Ms. Srilakshmi to introduce myself and express my demands. I told about my three exams and the commencement of all the exams. She asked me to send me the list of exams and their dates. She sent me a message on Whats app by posing herself as Srilu. I saw and replied. She sent the contacts of scribes along with dates. Ms. Aishwarya was allotted on November 6 2016 and Ms. Akshaya was on November 20. The other scribe was out of station who had been allotted for November 13. I told Ms Srilu that I could arrange for one exam from my side as I was supposed to submit the list of scribes and get approved from the IIBF. Srilu told me that she could help me at anytime for finding scribes. I didn’t think much to approach Beatrice. I don’t think there is any introduction needed for Beatrice. I told her my situation and she said yes without going for any second thought. I contacted Ms. Akshaya and Ms. Aishwarya. They also agreed to scribe me. I didn’t know where and how to begin my journey. It was October 16 I think. I went to Porur to meet both Beatrice and Ms Akshaya to get signature in the scribe declaration forms. I called Ms Aishwarya also to complete the task but her house was located in some other place. Hence, I decided to hand over another form to Ms. Akshaya to get signature from Ms. Aishwarya also as both of them were working in the same company. While, Ms. Akshaya departed with forms, Ms. Beatrice had signed the form and returned on the same spot. I asked my brother to collect the remaining forms from Ms Akshaya after a couple of days from her office. He went to the spot to collect them. She came after two hour to hand over them. She couldn’t come out of the office and couldn’t get the time for getting signature from Ms Aishwarya were the reasons behind the delay. Ms Akshaya collected and rushed to meet my brother. I’ve troubled everybody I thought. Everything was completely fine and the next move was to submit the forms and get approval from the institution. I thought of checking the notification again. Shocked! Each exam was postponed to the following week from the actual week. As per the first notification, the first exam was supposed to be on November 6; second one was on 13, and the third one to be held on 20th of the same month. I arranged scribes based on the timetable. But, when I checked with the Website, the first was on November 13, second to be on 20th and the third was to be on November 27. The problem began I realized. As I had scribes for November 13 and 20 already, I approached Ms Aishwarya as she was fixed on November 6.
“Hi Aishwarya Ma’am. Please let me know when you are free. I need to talk to you about the exam.”
“Okay, I will call you in the evening. Is it fine?”
“No problem ma’am. Text alone will do. I will text you the happenings. I want you to be free enough to read and reply.”
“Okay. I am out now. I will text you when I am at home. And, no ma’am. Please feel like some old people. Aishwarya would be fine.”
I explained the problems to her and asked, “Will you be able to come on November 27?”
“November 27? Sorry Vinoth, I don’t think I can come on that date.”
“May I ask some of my friends if they’re available? Will it be fine?”
“Can you? Very fine…Take your time and let me know if possible. Let us talk when you reach home.” I sent a message and sent another message promptly.
“Thanks a lot Aishwarya.”
I received a message exactly after 96 minutes. Don’t be shocked. I am checking my message and writing now.
“Hey, its Online exam right?”
“Yes.” I replied.”
She sent a new number. The contact fell in my inbox. I read the name.
“Can you talk to her? She is interested. Can you let me know once everything is confirmed?” Aishwarya asked.
“I talked to her Aishwarya. She said okay. Thank you!” I sent her a message in the evening after talking to Gayathri.
Aishwarya replied after some time,
“Cool.” It was the final message between Aishwarya and me.
I phoned Ms. Gayathri
After explaining about all formalities to her, she decided to receive the declaration form via mail. She accepted to take print out and fill it up. I sent her the document promptly and the next thing was to receive the filled form. I thought of sending my brother to her office but, she kept the form in her house. I thought of sending my brother to her home this time, she kept it in her office. Finally, I decided to take leave and submit the form on my own in the institution after collecting the form from her office. We went to her office. Certainly not inside. It’s a huge campus and nobody is sent without identity card. Ms Gayathri came out. We collected the form and proceeded to IIBF to submit.
“It would be fine if the exam center was near Porur for my scribes reside in that area.” I told that in-charge officer after collecting the acknowledgment letter.
“Are these scribes relatives to you?” He asked while examining their names closely.
“No sir, I don’t know them at all. They are all arranged by somebody who is a friend to my friend’s friend.” I replied him by thinking of Ms Akshaya and Ms Gayathri; at the same time I didn’t know how I forgot my close friend Beatrice.
“We don’t have power in changing the venue. Let the hall ticket come. But, let us try.” He said and gave his personal number.
Finally, I got my hall ticket. The venue was near Porur. I informed my scribes via mail. The rest was to study and write the exam. I thought it’s time to begin, and there began the actual story.

I came across breaking news on Facebook on November 8 around 8 PM. “Indian currencies Rs 500 and 1000 will remain invalid from tomorrow.” I guessed that there would be some steps against 1000 rupee notes but not on 500. The very next day we got a circular that all banks should work till November 24 including Saturday and Sunday. I dialed IIBF, to clarify.
“Your first exam is postponed sir. You will get the notification about the new exam date after your second and third exams. There is no change in your second and third exam.” A female officer said over the phone.
I informed Ms. Beatrice about the situation. She said it should not come in the month of December. I got another notification regarding my second exam. ‘The JAIIB exam which is to be scheduled on 20th November is postponed to some other day.’ I informed Ms Akshaya about the issue. I would let her about the fresh date I said. Even though we didn’t work on that Sunday (20-11-2016,) we were informed that we wouldn’t have any exam. Now, only my third exam and third scribe (Ms Gayathri) were there in the list. I was still in confusion as that Sunday (27-11-2016) was not a working day. There would be no issue in this exam I convinced myself. Promptly, when I decided to open my E-book, the notification knocked my Inbox and knocked out the other exam. As a result, I Informed Ms Gayathri about the cancellation of the exam.
I wanted to talk to Ms Srilu.
“Hence, I may come to you if any scribe needed.” I said after narrating the story.
Some weeks had crawled. I received the notification about fresh exam dates. The first paper was on 28/01/2017, second was on 05/02/2017 and third was on 11/02/2017. I just wanted to inform all of my scribes regarding fresh dates. My first approach was Ms Gayathri. I reckoned she would say no and she said the same when I called. It took some seconds for her find as she didn’t even save my number. She said she’s having her sister’s marriage on that particular date. She can’t come on other days also she replied with apology. And, the chapter of Ms. Gayathri came to an end. I approached Akshaya with the fresh date and asked her to choose any of those first two days. She said sure after receiving my message. And, that was the last day I contacted Ms. Akshaya.
I had enough time to study. I had almost enough materials to read. At the same time, I had sufficient confusion regarding that exam whether to write or not for I was clearly informed that the fresh hall ticket would be issued with fresh venue. I didn’t want to begin anything from the very beginning. I thought of skipping all the exams. Gayathri had already said no. Akshaya would not have any idea till I contact. Going back to Aishwarya can’t be a good option. Srilu would be the only person who may ask about these exams that too only when I approach. But, I didn’t want to trouble her again. Arranging a scribe is not an easy issue. Srilu had arranged three scribes for three different exams. She even supported when I lost my scribes. Unfortunately, exams didn’t commence. She would have helped had I asked. But, I thought twice to approach her again even though she was ready to do.
One day, in the early morning, a message entered my Inbox.
“What is happening to you Vinoth? Why do you want to skip the exams? Why are you unnecessarily looking for scribes? I’ve decided. If you are ready to write your exams, I will scribe all the three.” She said. What she said was her decision.
I phoned the institution to explain the situation.
“I can understand. The agreed scribes for your second and third exams can’t come and write. Therefore, the scribe, who agreed to write the first exam, is writing all the three. Am I right? Actually, since everything is fresh, it is necessary to get approval again but, we exempt you. You take up the entire exam with the same scribe with the previous approval and call me immediately if any problem in the exam hall.” He replied and asked,
“What is that scribe’s name?”
I received the fresh hall ticket ten days before the commencement of the exam. The very first thing which occurred in my mind after reading the time and the venue of the exam was,
“Should I write this exam?”
To be continued.


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