08 April 2017


Posted by Vinoth Subramanian | Saturday, April 08, 2017 Categories: , , ,

How are you my lovable god?

The source of love

The first scientist of the universe

Are you really fine after creating this world?

I don’t think so.

Cause I think so.

I know you are not going to read this letter.

Cause you are the creator of it.

You want me to write, I write.

I don’t know whether you’re a fact or a belief

I believe this fact of confusion

Every belief is a fact when believed

And, all beliefs are expected to be facts.

You keep supplying,

We keep demanding,

And that is what the business between you and we I feel.

Don’t worry my god

 I won’t demand you much

You know what I need and not need

But, please let me know what I need.

I am not like others writing this letter for making demands

I know what you’ve given me are more precious than what I can ask.

But, help me understand your valuable offerings.

Both my life and your existence is a question mark

Finding about your existence is not possible

But, help me finding the meaning of my life.

There are some problems, there are some plights

I am not asking you to not offer them in my life

But, help me face them when they come.

I don’t ask you a beautiful life

Help me accept when it becomes ugly

And, help me make it beautiful on my own.

Asking a plain and smooth path will become my weakness

You will not like me to be weak

Give me the path of stones and rocks

And teach me how to walk with strength.

I don’t ask you roses in my garden

Thorns are enough to burden

Help me love those burdening thorns

And, help me convert them into roses.

You are the source of good and you are the source of evil

I don’t want all to be good to me

Let me confront some evils too

But, help me find the difference.

Every plan is planned by you

I can’t understand I know

But, make me realize, that is enough.

I don’t ask you success all the time

Failure is more than enough

Let falling and failing be parts of my life

But, help me rise from them.

Happiness is not needed my god

Pleasure is not permanent I know

Help me digest my sorrows, that is sufficient to grow

There is no point in demanding all days as good days

You will not lend I know

But, help me bear my bad days

I don’t want to smile all the time

You will not offer even if I demand

Teach me the value of tears some time

Help me shed for other than for myself

Betrayals become part of our life

I am not asking you to escape me

Give me the power to identify them

And, give me the strength to tolerate.

I don’t need to plea you I know

My birth was your choice and not my plea

Yet, I scribble senselessly

Cause you are the almighty, and I am just a piece of bone and flesh.


  1. Once again a good epistolary poem. There're quite a number of good lines in it. Above all, I like your attitude towards your god.


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