26 November 2014


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Three themes, 20-20-10


Your peace is broken into pieces!
Sometimes, cruel thorns are less dangerous than roses.
I tell you myself, you are also a Jesus!
Since, you need to carry some invisible crosses.

Your life will confront a great season,
When, somebody will hate you without any reason.
I swear, you can never identify that person
Listen to me myself, this is my first precaution.

Your life will be occupied by friends and foes,
It’s hard to find, the nose and those toes.
Do not choose them by any kind of force
Because, hurting friends are more cruel than hating foes!

This life is full of harming suspense,
You may not know when these people will show their offense!
One day, they will offer their lap to sleep,
Another day they will deliberately slap you to weep!

Be thankful! When someone makes you cry
Only then, you’ll get another shoulder to tend
Be grateful, for the person who makes you fall
Because, you’ll surely lifted by a sincere friend.


You should be aware of two different things
The difference between mistakes and sins
Mistakes are always unconscious attempts
But these sins are known for its deliberate attempts.

You have to feel pity for this world
Since it is remaining as a very funny world
Here the mistakes are terribly punished
But the sins are invariably forgiven!

I bespeak you myself,
Don’t even deem of committing that sin
You can forgive millions of mistakes
But forgiving sin is a biggest mistake.

If you really want to excuse people
Do it before they apologize to you
Remember, you are superior only to their blunders
And surely not to those doers!

You may converge millions of people
They will sometimes be good and sometimes be bad
Blame only their situations and be positive
Accept them all, along with their negatives.


World will ask you, “What is your ultimate goal?”
If you need your life, kindly play a role
Our modern man has started to stroll
Towards his status by considering as this is his soul.

Sweet honey and celebration of money
Should surely not be your ultimate destiny
Real aim of the life is not to become a doctor
Or a collector or a businessman or a beggar,

So I command you to become a human being
And always be a human for each and every being.

The end.


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